Troubador Target Trojan

Released: 09/09/2013

ISBN: 9781783060818

eISBN: 9781783069217

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Target Trojan

Brothers in Arms


Imagine a way to strike at our society in a manner that would be devastatingly effective, that would sap resources, manpower, reserves and resolve. How could a small maverick group, driven by fanaticism, hatred and a thirst for revenge exact such a terrible price?

They must be like water, like air. Ever present, yet deadly. Feared but untraceable. Khamsin and Haab require revenge in epic proportions. Seeking a reckoning for their younger brother’s death, Haab and his sister merge into western society – he into the Islamic community, her as nurse. For the intelligence services they are nightmare, they leave no shadow.

The emergency services are attacked and debilitated. For every real act of terrorism, a dozen false calls, and all require armed support that is beyond the Government’s ability to supply. Firearms officers are a prime target as beguiled young men destroy themselves in a quest for martyrdom.

Inspector Royston Bladen-Barras leads the armed police response to the terrorists – an ex-soldier and Colour Sergeant he is as good as they come. But when an ambush kills his best friend and his strong family ties are stretched to breaking by the reappearance of an old love, his morals and the rules by which he lives are called into question.

His brothers-in-arms have unshakable faith in him – but will it be enough?

Royston Bladen-Barras has sworn revenge on his friend’s grave. The Haab and his little sister have sworn vengeance with their little brother’s blood

This book is a thoroughly enjoyable read. A good plot line coupled with inside knowledge on how the Met Police work and especially the work of CO19, makes the book read more like an account of an actual incident. For a first foray into the world of fiction this is a great start. Well done Roger Gray.

by David Tilley

Thouroughly exciting it grabs you from the very first page, a heart pumping page turner of a book. i lost count of the times i missed my stop on the tube, could not put this book down..

by steve

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