Troubador Sweet Song, Bitter Loss

Released: 10/02/2020

eISBN: 9781838598419

Format: eBook

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Sweet Song, Bitter Loss


When eleven year-old Giovanni Mirelti goes missing from his family home in the village of Montenero, Major D’Angelo of the Italian carabinieri takes charge of the search.

Meanwhile, in the city of Pescara, Colonel Battista is faced with what appears to be a drug-related murder, as well as a possible imminent shipment by a people-trafficking gang, information he has gleaned from a prostitute informant.

A clue to Giovanni’s disappearance prompts Sergeant Teresa Rossi to visit a British holiday-home owner in North-East England, but the situation becomes increasingly dangerous for everyone involved, leading to a dramatic and shocking climax.

I enjoy a book that can run the gamut of my emotions and have me gasp when twists and turns are revealed. Sweet Song Bitter Loss by Paul Hencher, has done just that. I was first drawn to the description of the book because it takes place in Abruzzo, Italy, where my mother's family is from, along a coastal town of Pescara.

Major D'Angelo is in charge of finding a missing boy. The case leads him and the other carabinieri along a twisting path of mystery and intrigue. There were many good characters and storylines in this book, and they all kept my interest. The mystery was well plotted and had me guessing right up until the very end and the reveal.

I hope Mr. Hencher writes additional books. His storytelling and character development are done well, and I liked learning about the various towns and customs.

by Paula

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