Troubador Surrogate

Released: 28/07/2020

ISBN: 9781800460157

eISBN: 9781838596262

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The calm, comfortable lives of middle-class professionals in a prosperous cathedral city are about to be disrupted by powerful passions, the revelation of secrets and the abduction of a child.  

Louise Bryant is a devout Catholic who works as a charity shop manager. She is married to Edward, a teacher, and is desperate for a baby. Edward’s infertility leads her, against the wishes of her priest, to ask Edward’s brother, Ben, a boyishly handsome young lawyer, to be a sperm donor. Their attempts to bring about Louise’s pregnancy lead them into a full affair. When a child, Sammy is born Louise and Edward raise him as their own. But dark, bitter secrets fester amongst their family, colleagues and friends, and when Sammy is taken from Louise in a public park, the story lurches into nightmare, a nightmare that can only be resolved by a young, ambitious, risk-taking police detective sergeant, Tim Laughland. Unimpressed by his superior, Laughland sets out to explore the tensions amongst the Bryant family on his own. 

In a pacey gripping series of successful and unsuccessful suicide attempts, shocking revelations and accusations, the complex confusion of lies and secrets is laid bare, bringing the story to a sudden dramatic conclusion.

My first novel, Surrogate, was released by Matador in July 2020. The sequel, Blood and Stone, is available from Matador Books from November, 2021.

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Alan Jones

Alan Jones read English and French at university, going on to complete a Masters and a Doctorate in Education. He has extensive experience of teaching creative writing and literature. He is also an enthusiastic jazz drummer. He lives in Canterbury and is married to that precious thing, a Librarian.

Here outside HG Wells' house in Sandgate (I can't claim any influence)

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