Troubador Steel Wolf

Released: 10/11/2015

eISBN: 9781785894626

Format: eBook

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Steel Wolf


In 2010 the journalist, Jon Drago, embarks on an extended sabbatical to Eastern Europe. His life at home appears to have reached a crossroads and he has taken to filling his days and nights with high living and fast romance. Then one drunken evening changes everything for Drago as he is catapulted into a kaleidoscopic whirlwind of mistaken identity, blood and thunder, brutal gangsters, beautiful women, danger and death.  

Against his better judgement, Drago comes to the aid of a desperate fugitive girl whose past is entwined with a vicious war criminal. Escaping Hungary, they attempt to reach the Czech Republic. Yet for Drago and Lucie trouble never ceases. As they embark on an uneasy alliance, the two runaways are pursued by enemies at every turn: a diseased wizened cripple, an elite assassin, gypsy godfathers and finally a gang of shaven headed hoodlums armed with shotguns and hauling a pack of mastiff dogs. 

There is startling action, suspense and intrigue all the way from Budapest to Brno until the story reaches its bitter climax and the darkest secrets of the human soul are revealed. When Jon Drago finally encounters the Steel Wolf, it is as though his nightmare has only just begun…

My poem 'After the Circus' was published in The New European newspaper today.
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Action packed from start to finish. Drago is a really tense character with brilliantly real and the story flows from one chapter to the next without any effort and I love it.

by Matt Gupta

Christoph John

Christoph John is a writer and poet, author of the ebook thrillers Steel Wolf (Troubador 2015) and Gilgamesh (Troubador 2016), whose inspirations stem from his travels around Europe, its peoples, places, societies and history. He lives and works in South London.

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