Troubador Stasiland

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789018028

Format: Paperback

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After a messy divorce, Ed Blake is trying to forget the past by spending the summer driving around Europe in his silver Porsche. He gets no further than a small town on the river Elbe when he is arrested for a crime he did not commit.

Although in what is now a united Germany, this is the former Communist East, once ruled by the feared secret police, the Stasi. This is Stasiland. The past has not gone away, Germany’s political tectonic plates are shifting, maybe heading for the sort of chaos last seen in the 1930s. Ed finds himself pulled into a whirlpool of violence as right-wing extremism starts to shake the foundations of Europe.

This is a novel about here and now. What happened to Ed Blake could happen to you.

Rolf has five e-books available on Amazon, most also as paperbacks. They are:

No.1 "Last Weiss", set in Nazi Germany and Norway during the final year of WW2.

No.2 "Coffin Corner" follows the fortunes of a new airline in 1960s Singapore.

No.3. "Bear Bugger Cruise" goes to the Caribbean, where a man is reported overboard, but no one is apparently missing.

No.4. "Night Watchman" combines aviation and Westminster politics.

No.5. "Road to Mandalay starts in the French Alps, but a cyber problem takes us much further afield.

No.6. Available from early 2019 will be"Stasiland", the eastern part Unified Germany, where political extremism is on the rise.

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Rolf Richardson

An airline pilot for 25 years, after that a travel photographer and cruise lecturer, Rolf has spent his life in the travel business, with some 110 countries in his log book.

Time now to write about some of those places and he has chosen the popular route of 'faction': fictional stories set in factual places and events. His aim is an easy read, a mix of adventure, romance and history

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