Troubador Spies, Lies & Consequences

Released: 19/03/2014

eISBN: 9781783066551

Format: eBook

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Spies, Lies & Consequences

The unexpected life of a library book from Boots to Bletchley Park


What you do when you're young may have consequences half a lifetime later. Knowing yourself can be difficult, especially for Anne. Extending your boundaries and seeking new horizons can take many forms, whether you are young or much older.

Although happily married, Anne emulates a character in a book called The Sandy Shore and embarks on a new, illicit romance which is enjoyable at first but rapidly turns sour as she finds her old boyfriend from the navy is not as he seems; he is as rotten as her navy friend Naughty Christina always said he was. The fling has its consequences, not least the excitement of getting involved in cold war espionage. She uses the book as a diary and confidante that helps to clarify her thoughts and she even names it - Book. Anne views the book as more than just a piece of light romance.

Like a sandy shoreline, our lives can appear ordinary as the tide ebbs and flows each day but then a storm can wipe away everything in the same way that a life can change dramatically from one minute to the next.

Many years later, Anne is urged on by Christina to find romance once more. The milkmaids are stimulating, but displeasing Mamma could have very dangerous consequences - when good spies go bad. Who is watching them? Who knows what tomorrow may bring? How do we know what happens to Anne? Who better to tell you than Book? After all, he became her almost constant companion, but is now just a book in a museum library.

Excellent I thoroughly enjoyed this book I am an avid reader and this book is up there in my top ten

by Johanne Black

Hugh Davies

When I wrote the book I imagined it to be just the spontaneous fiction that flowed out of my mind in just a few days. It is of some concern that since then things I considered fiction regarding the secret services have turned to have a basis in fact.

Much of the story is set in Pembrokeshire where I was born and bred, but now live in Repton Derbyshire

After a career mostly in IT, I am now retired and work as a guide at Bletchley Park, the famous WW2 code breaking centre which is recognised worldwide as the birthplace of the computer age, where I concentrate on the human factors of military intelligence.

I give talks nation-wide on various Intelligence related subjects to many types of organisations such as U3A, Probus, WI, The National Lecture Society circuit etc, etc and I am a guest speaker on cruise ships

Hugh in action at Bletchley Park
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