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Released: 28/07/2016

ISBN: 9781785890994

eISBN: 9781785894732

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The midwife carries 16 year-old Mercedes’ son from a delivery room and that is the last time that she sees him alive. His first cries haunt her but her family refuse to acknowledge the possibility that her child still lives. Their silence represses her young spirit. Ten years later, a woman named Carmen contacts Mercedes, now a journalist, with stories of newborns who have disappeared in mysterious circumstances similar to her own. When Mercedes embarks on an investigation into baby trafficking, she must fight powerful enemies to reveal the truth – so powerful, in fact, that her own life is at risk. Using her expertise, she unmasks a baby-trafficking network that has spanned decades and moved thousands of children out of Spain. She antagonises key figures when she unearths conspiracies arising from the bloody periods of Spain’s modern history, exposing a criminal underworld hiding in the government, health services and church. Mercedes becomes their target as they seek to silence her exposé – and her life, and the lives of her loved ones, come under perilous threat...

I am the guest author of the week on the website of Australian writer Rita Chapman.

On 15th December, discover how my life experiences influence my writings on Jenny Kane's blog.

Another 5* review on Amazon. Almost literary thriller, set in Spain. 20 September 2016

Thrilled that a reader downloaded Silencio after seeing another passenger reading it on a flight to the U.S. See her 5* review at

Two new independent 5* reviews on Amazon.
'This is one of the best books that I've read in a long time it's quite a hard subject matter but it is a really thought provoking book'

'An excellent read. I couldn't put it down. A great first publication from this exciting new author. Can thoroughly recommend.'

Silencio is available in paperback and ebook format.

Approximately 70 people attended the first event of the publicity campaign, a launch of Silencio at a private function in Spain.

This was followed on April 2nd by an hour long interview at a local radio station Total FM 91.8 Costa Blanca.

A private launch event took place at the author's home in the UK on 23rd April.

On April 26th, the author was interviewed and profiled as a local Dorset county published writer on the BBC Radio Solent Breakfast in Dorset show.

Local independent retailer, Westbourne Bookshop, stocks the book ahead of the official publication date.

Silencio has generated excellent reviews on Amazon UK and Goodreads.
More 5* reviews on Amazon ahead of the official publication date.

L A Berry and Silencio feature in the August edition of The Quay (local free newspaper for Poole Town Quay)

Follow up profile interview on 'Breakfast in Dorset' show on BBC Radio Solent scheduled 7th September.

Rita Lee Chapman

Jenny Kane

The Quay

Silencio has to be one of the best books I have read in a long time. It is a gripping thriller which I could not put down! It is well-researched and L.A Berry manages to depict the horrific events surrounding Spain's 'stolen babies' through the characters and plot of the story.
Silencio is a must-read and highly recommended. 5 stars!

by Rachael Parry

The author handles the difficult subject matter with great skill, weaving a tale of loss, betrayal and love. Using a narrator to tell Mercedes' story works well and allows the reader to stay a little detached from the main character without affecting the empathy with her. Well written, I look forward to reading future books from this writer.

by NetGalley Reviewer

I received this from NetGalley, I typically have low expectations from NetGalley but this book impressed me. A very good story which obviously had a lot of research done to make it accurate. I would have liked to see more character development and less murder mystery, but overall I thought this was a very well done story.

by NetGalley Reviewer

Totally love this book and so pleased to be able to review it for NetGalley. Well researched, full of suspense. A mothers worst nightmare, her new born is stolen. Over time Mercedes is relentless in her search for the truth about Spain's stolen babies.

I cried so much reading this brilliant book about baby trafficking, how 40 years after Franco's death people in Spain searched for so many "lost" babies. I live n Spain for part of each year, I did not know about this and am reading more about it since reading Silencio. A heartbreaking true fact, I cannot imagine how these mothers must have suffered. I loved the ending, can't wait to read her next book. This is a winner!

by NetGalley Reviewer

A gripping and emotional read for both my wife and myself (and it is rare that we agree on books or films)! I believe this book has something for everyone. It is exceptionally well written and holds your interest. I don't have as much time for reading as I would like, but this book makes you look forward when you can next pick it up. 5 stars from both of us.

by Guy Johnston

I was recommended this book while travelling to USA as the person next to me on the plane was reading it so I down loaded it emidiately
I was totally unaware about the Stollen babes in Spain
The book was well written so that I understood that it was from a terrible time in modern history a tragic story of a young woman's plight to find the truth about her lost newborn , any mother couldn't be moved reading the story that becomes a thriller as the young woman unraveled the hidden silence that so many women had faced and opened the gates for others to find their lost children
Thoroughly recommend to all my American friends

by Sarah Prince

Silencio is a stylish romantic thriller. The writer flies when leading character, Mercedes, an investigative journalist, sets out to expose an international baby trafficking ring that has left thousands of mothers heartbroken. Mercedes being one of these herself makes for resonant poignancy. Using a backdrop of sweltering Spain, the writer gives us many colourful characters to encounter, many acrid vistas to explore. The danger is truly frightening as the hard core gang attempt to silence the woman threatening their lucrative violation of the unbreakable bond between mother and child. That these criminals are stalwarts of the community forces Mercedes to treacherous limits. Her determination pitted against decades of intimidation leads the reader on an exciting journey. A writer to watch!

by V Wakefield-Harrey

Lindsay Berry

Silencio is Lindsay's first novel. An alumna of the Faber Academy, she writes short stories, poetry, and blog posts on her site She has also written a short screenplay for an amateur dramatic society.

A second novel 'A Life on the Line' is in progress and Lindsay is in the early stages of planning her third novel. Her interest in human relationships and how these change or flourish in a stressful conditions such as a thriller or suspense plot fuels her novels.

A synopsis and the first 2000 words of L. A. Berry's second novel are featured in the Faber Academy Anthology published in June 2016.

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