Troubador Queen of Swords

Released: 28/04/2021

ISBN: 9781800462403

eISBN: 9781800469471

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Queen of Swords


When senior nurse, Jenny Butcher, is strangled in her flat, Detective Inspector Sanjay Patel is part of the team led by Chief Inspector Tracy Taylor that investigates her murder. Patel is a British-born Indian who dropped out of medical school to join the police force.  

The team start to investigate the background leading up to the murder. After divorcing her husband, Jenny had moved to London to make a fresh start in a new job. Just before her murder, she had broken up with mathematics professor, Leo Roberts. Hospital manager, Keith Richards, was rejected by Jenny and was seen arguing with her. Marcus Buckland, an ENT surgeon, was formerly Jenny’s lover and wanted to rekindle their affair. His estranged wife, Dr. Lorraine Fletcher, had good reason to hate the victim. All the suspects appear to have alibis. 

When one of Richards’s former girlfriends is murdered, officers go to arrest him but he has disappeared. Patel is suspended, following a racially motivated complaint by Inspector Colin Brewer, who has become convinced Richards is Guilty. Patel must now find a way to be reinstated and Richards, returning to London, is equally determined to clear his name.

My first novel, 'Tiger Heart' was published as an e-book by Bangkok Books. My short stroy 'The Ladies Man' was included in a collection of short stroies by Byker Books.

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Robert Mills

I was born in London in 1950. I attended Sevenoaks School and trained as a doctor at the London Medical College. After completing my postgraduate training in London and Bristol, I worked as a consultant ENT surgeon in Dundee. In 1998 I moved to Edinburgh where I became honorary professor of otolaryngology. After retiring from the British Health Service and my marriage to fellow ENT surgeon, Nadtaya Makachen, I moved to Khon Kaen in Thailand. As well as writing, I teach at the local medical school and continue to take part in charitable ear surgery camps in various parts of Asia. I have three children from my first marriage: Emily, a doctor, Nicholas, an architect, and Alexa, a solicitor advocate.

Robert Mills

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