Troubador Palaeofauna

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785898891

Format: Paperback

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A body is found underneath the Severn Bridge. Is this another suicide or is there something else going on here? What connections, if any, are there with this death and an unusual rescue mission in Bristol in November 1940? Detective Chief Inspector Mark Morgan is called in to explain things, but it’s proving complicated with evidence found suggesting that the body on the towpath beneath the Severn Bridge has been moved. In such a geologically remarkable place, could the location of the body have anything to do with this death? Was it accidental or not? The more Mark Morgan delves into this mystery, the more unanswered questions he is left with and that’s just on the work front. At home, Selina is causing problems for the Morgan family, but isn’t that to be expected with someone nearly thirteen, or should people be worried? Her father, Joe, is still in Russia and doesn’t seem in any hurry to return until events at home force a change of plan.

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