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Released: 01/09/2013

eISBN: 9781783069552

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Painted Ladies

A Jasmine Frame Story


Jasmine Frame was scared of knives when she was a policeman. Now she finds herself on the trail of a knife killer. But it’s not just her skin that is in danger, her identity as a woman is under threat. Short of work, Private Investigator Jasmine Frame eagerly responds to a request to help identify a transvestite murder victim. Having done so, Jasmine is desperate to remain involved in the case despite friction with her former boss DCI Sloane. She persuades her ex-colleague DS Tom Shepherd to accompany her to Butterflies, a transgender social group to help build a picture of the victim. Following the meeting another of the members is murdered. Jasmine is asked to act as a decoy to draw the “tranny killer” to a meeting in a pub. Jasmine is torn as she has to go against her instinct as a pre-op transsexual to remain hidden. What response will she get dressed as a flamboyant drag queen? Will it be enough to draw the killer into the trap or is Jasmine just putting her own sense of identity to the test? What will be the killer’s next move? Painted Ladies is a crime thriller which poses questions about gender swapping. Jasmine Frame has her own life to sort out as well as a murder to solve.

Amazon Review: Simon Whaley

Painted Ladies is a crime novel with an engaging protagonist. As an ex-police officer, now private investigator, Jasmine Frame is trying to establish herself in her new career, whilst also coping with her own challenges in life about who she really is. This is made more difficult when a great opportunity arises to further her career, which has the potential to compromise her desires to challenge people's stereotypical views of transvestites and transgender issues. This works really well as a crime novel, right to the end, and it would make a good novel for a book group to read and discuss. I look forward to seeing the next Jasmine Frame crime novel.

For more information about my writings and about Jasmine Frame please go to my blog at the address below.

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P R Ellis

I retired a short while ago from a career in science teaching, so can now write full-time.

Painted Ladies is the first, full length, Jasmine Frame story. The second novel Bodies By Design is now available published by ellifont along with a noivella called Discovering Jasmine. Go to for details.

I'm happily married and living in Herefordshire. Previously, I spent thirteen years living and working in the Newbury area which is the setting for the Jasmine Frame stories. Like Jasmine I am transgendered but, unlike her, not planning on transitioning.

PREllis on one guise

At the New Writers UK book festival in Nottingham
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