Troubador Out of Mecklenburg

Released: 28/08/2017

ISBN: 9781788035590

eISBN: 9781788031752

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Out of Mecklenburg

The Unwilling Spy


With Hitler at the height of his power, suave, wealthy and aristocratic, Carl von Menen, a high-flying servant of the German Foreign Office, lives a duplicitous and dangerous life in Nazi Germany: he abhors the Nazi party and wants Hitler dead. But his hopes of seeing a Nazi-free Germany are scuppered when the German Foreign Minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop, orders him to Argentina to keep a watchful eye on the emerging United Officers Group, a pro-Nazi organisation led by Argentine colonel, Juan Domingo Peron. 

Upon his arrival in Buenos Aires, von Menen is faced with danger and treachery, heightened by the far-reaching fear of the Gestapo and his covert dealings with Colonel Filipe Vidal. A seemingly obliging man, Vidal turns out to have a devious and sinister agenda – a plot to seize Peron’s power for himself, with the hapless von Menen as his accomplice. When he returns to Europe, von Menen finds Berlin in ruins, the Gestapo in overdrive and a merciless Red Army charging towards the city. Gambling with his own life, he contrives to convince a desperate Nazi party that Vidal has a pro-Nazi deal that not even Peron can equal. What follows is a desperate attempt to keep one step ahead of the Gestapo, a perilous voyage by U-boat to the South Atlantic and a maelstrom of heart-stopping events back in Buenos Aires... 

Inspired by Frederick Forsyth, James Remmer explores the covert operations of WWII with reference to the early years of Peron and to real events of the war years. The book offers a unique perspective into WWII and will appeal to fans of historical fiction, especially those interested in undercover operations during the Second World War.

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West Sussex County Times

Well written and researched book. Looking forward to seeing what happens in the next one

by carole e.

Coming in to this novel, I initially had mixed feelings as it’s a little bit slow to start. But, once you make it past the first few chapters the excitement takes off and doesn’t stop building – not even at the end, as a dramatic sequel has clearly been set up.

I think the single most endearing feature of this book was the fact that von Menen was anti-Nazi right from the get-go and managed to use his position to carry out small acts of resistance. I found myself growing more anxious and more paranoid with every chapter and every contact that was eliminated from von Menen’s network. But more than anything, I was drawn in by the fact that von Menen’s entire family was wrapped up in resisting the party despite many of his family members holding high ranking positions within RnD, the military, and the navy. It was a refreshing perspective after reading a string of books that focused on concentration camps, so naturally I was completely on board with the family’s attempts to stick it to the man.

The gold heist was hands down the highlight of the story as it was fast paced, humorous, and utterly gripping. I nearly died when the whole scheme was almost derailed by an SS officer ‘parking’, and Hans’ scrappy resourcefulness in a time when nearly everything is impossible to obtain. I mean, who else could obtain a spare car and petrol during the height of rationing and shortages?

The Argentine setting too, was absolutely enthralling, as it represented a melting pot of political activity and unrest that was both central to many nations during WWII while simultaneously being removed from the action. I detested Vidal as a character, but appreciated Remmer’s historical accuracy when it came to Ortiz, Peron, and the revolution of 1943. I am left hoping that the second instalment will focus on ODESSA and Ribbentrop’s network for smuggling of Nazi fugitives to Argentina.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. But, it would come with the warning that the front third is a little heavy on the character building, explication, and setting the stage for later action. Regardless, it’s well written, carefully developed, and sure to please those sticklers for detail that insist on accuracy with their espionage.

by Jessica Macaulay

An interesting tale that looks into relationships and life in Germany during WWII. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to others.

by Felicity Kemp

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