Troubador One Thousand Moons

Released: 28/07/2021

ISBN: 9781800463134

eISBN: 9781800469501

Format: Paperback/eBook

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One Thousand Moons


The year is 2002, the place is South East England, normally a peaceful corner of the world. Normally. 

In between jobs and living alone in a quiet village on the Surrey/Sussex border, thirty-year-old Alba White is drifting through life. At the other end of the village, Hillstone Hall is in a precarious position. The elderly Lord, Edward Chapman, is in a financial hole and literally selling the family silver to keep the place afloat. 

Then, when during a charity cricket match, one of his own garden volunteers is murdered, things take a further turn for the worse until an arrest is made. Yet, Alba, who found the dying man and whose blood stained her beautiful white dress, is not convinced the police have arrested the right person. Suddenly she has direction, but will she discover the truth in time?

Set around one man's life, we are taken from 1940s war-torn France, to the airfields of Bomber Command, to the grim interior of a prison and to the homeliness of a village pub in 2002, in a murder-mystery which will appeal to Agatha Christie fans and those who enjoy a more retro-feel to their crime stories.

Had me engaged throughout. Compelling finale - not the outcome I had expected!

by Jonathan

I thought One Thousand Moons was a very good read. I enjoyed the way the reader was gradually told about Alba and what had happened to her very dear friends. It made me want to continue reading and find out why they’d left a space in the pew for Tom and why those particular items were given to them during the funeral service. The book drew me in and I wanted to keep reading.
I liked the way clues were left all the way through the book so the reader could try to work through the mystery alongside Alba. I must admit I struggled to solve some of the chapter heading clues even after a lot of thought!
I finished the book with mixed feelings, sad that I had come to the end but pleased my deductions of who’d done it were correct. I’m looking forward to seeing how Alba’s relationships develop in the next book. An excellent start of a series and well worth reading.

by Vicki Smith

This book was much awaited and hasn't disappointed! A wonderful slow-burning start that sets the scene and a great engaging read with some wonderful details, insights and surprises. If you like a mystery or know someone who does, get them this for Christmas! It'll be the present they remember :)

by Ruth

I enjoyed this book. It was well crafted and clearly a lot of time, care and thought had gone into it. Kept me guessing right until the end.

by Cliff

One Thousand Moons by Martin Hurcomb is a marvellous debut novel, a very accomplished whodunnit and immensely readable. The story is seamlessly layered across stately home garden volunteers, cricket teams, wartime bomber pilots, photography, and some exploration of relationships, with a very good main character, Alba White. The book has been well researched, though Martin wears his knowledge lightly, and delivers on all fronts. I look forward to his second book.

by Gill Gibbins

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