Troubador One Step to Danger

Released: 01/11/2007

eISBN: 9781780889337

Format: eBook

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One Step to Danger


It was simple to arrange - a fraud that led to a meltdown in world financial markets. Ruinous for many highly regarded names in the world of finance, it was the foundation of the multi billion dollar Rossi Empire. In the first of a trilogy, Charles Rossi and Jacqui Di Maglio front Charles’ father - the financial brain behind the action. They brush with the mafia - both Jacqui’s traditional Italian family and the more ominous, even more brutal Russians. As they manipulate markets, they trick the banks and bring them to their knees. They ruin the gullible without remorse, play the system without compunction and shoot to kill when pressed by circumstance or faced with violence. In Europe and Asia, they fight their financial campaigns. The Americas and Europe provide the backcloth to their battles with the underworld and the law. Charles Rossi, an enigma with a mysterious new identity, is able to kill without qualms, defraud without hesitation, be in love with Jacqui and yet open to seduction. Jacqui Di Maglio, estranged from her family, loyal, gentle and loving. She is trained in martial arts and handy with a gun. She will shoot to kill, commit any crime but drugs and happily joins the biggest financial scam of all times. After all, she is the daughter of a mafia godfather... The Di Maglio family and their enemies in their world of drugs, prostitution and protection rackets form a vibrant background to the plot to create the world’s greatest financial institution. Could it really happen? Fact, one day, may prove to be closer to the fiction of One Step to Danger than many would believe.

"One Step To Danger" is a work of fiction, which, with hindsight, could have been fact. Speculation and worse by the criminals in suits leads to major meltdowns in world markets and more. The sequel, "The Financial Terrorist" shows the ease with which corrupt bankers can manipulate world markets. And the terrorist banker does not stop at that, as in a fast moving and thrilling story, he plays on the greed, corruption and gullibility of many of his fellow financiers.

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John Gubert

A language degree led to the world of finance. A career in international banking culminated in the author running a global business for one of the world’s largest banks. This took him to many of cities depicted in his books - London, New York, Paris, Geneva, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and others.

The books in his planned trilogy were written during some of his estimated 40 air trips around the world since the start of the new millennium.

Based in Wimbledon, London, John is now a freelance consultant and author. He is married to a British journalist and they have a student son.

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