Troubador Once Upon a Killing

Released: 01/01/2013

eISBN: 9781780887401

Format: eBook

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Once Upon a Killing


Once Upon a Killing is a gritty, hard-hitting thriller that tears the lid off the London underworld scene, giving an insight into its unrestrained violence and sexual passions.?Its hero and protagonist is private?eye Eddie Sutton, a forty-something ex-cop sacked from the Met for beating up a drug dealer. Eddie is hired by the wife of a jailed villain to help her find a million pound’s worth of dirty money from a jewellery shop raid that her husband and four others were involved in.?The plan is to return the money to the insurers for a legal finder’s fee. Eddie calculates his share to be £50,000 – which for three or four weeks’ work he considers easy money.?Given he’s only up against four seasoned villains that would kill him, the Met who still hate him, an insurance company determined at all costs to find the money before him and not totally able to trust the woman who’s hired him. What can possibly go wrong?

A lot, as Eddie is about to find out.?What starts out as a routine investigation soon becomes a murder enquiry – then a fight for survival.?The action is breathtaking, the sex steamy, the drama nailbiting.?Will Eddie find the money before everyone else – or if he is too late, will everyone else have the last laugh on him?

Once Upon a Killing is a tense, pacey, drama-riddled story that will appeal to fans of crime and thriller fiction, as well as those that like a good steamy, sexy love story threaded through it. Graham J.?Burlem has been inspired by a number of authors, most notably Harlan Coben, Ian Rankin and Harold Robins.

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