Troubador On Ashover Hill

Released: 01/10/2012

ISBN: 9781780883052

Format: Paperback

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On Ashover Hill


Henry found his feet begin to break out into a run, because he had seen, quite clearly, the bones of a hand stretching out from the dug-up earth. 2046. A?hand, skeleton in form, stands out in a pile of earth. Years of a hidden mystery are at last uncovered. 1943. In?Naples, a squad of new British recruits are labouring under the hot Italian sun, and the story begins. Soldier?William McTeer falls in love with a beautiful young?Italian woman, Francesca, but the war tears them apart. Years later, a letter Francesca writes to William leads them to be reunited. They move to Edinburgh where their son Robert is born and the die is cast. The story then centres around Robert, his children, Taylor and Jasmine, Robert’s best friend Angus and his family, and their entwined lives. Tragedy follows, but redemption too. Behind it all lurks a secret too dark to even contemplate... On Ashover Hill travels across Europe, spanning generations of the McTeer family and the love, hurt, pain and redemption that follows. It covers 103 years and a family in transition from a kiss to a birth, an act of inhumanity to a triumph act of love. Primarily a story of true romance, it weaves together a tale of unending love and family relationships with an undercurrent of mystery, crime and betrayal.

Being in a Band has now been released. Early feedback is pretty awesome and is introducing new readers into my first two books, On Ashover Hill and The Birthday Gift.

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Female First


'On Ashover Hill' by Anthony Scott was not quite the book that I had thought it would be. However, that does not detract from it in any way. I had thought that it was going to be a love story, and indeed it is, but so much more. It is the story (at first) of William McTeer, a soldier in World War II who was stationed in Naples. He meets a girl, Francesca, and is captivated instantly. He goes back to find her after the war, only to discover that her home has been bombed, and that her whereabouts are unknown. He is devastated. However, they manage to find each other, and eventually marry and have a son, Robert.
Robert's story then takes over, with William and Francesca's story in the background. The story then moves on and is taken over by Robert's son, Taylor.
I liked the storyline very much, and loved the way that William and Francesca found each other, and lived their own personal love story. I loved the description of Naples and Florence, the sun and the beauty. I didn't like Robert at all. He is an entirely unlikeable character, driven, ambitious, deceitful and cruel. He is not the child that I would have expected to be the fruit of the great love between William and Francesca. However, he is a very vital part of the story. Taylor is altogether different from his father, just as Robert was different from William. There is so much in this book, but behind it all, running right through the story is this amazing love affair between William and Francesca, which shines throughout.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and happily recommend it.

by laineyf

This book is amazing,it is written in chapters that span time from the past to the future. Each chapter is told from one of the characters view point. The characters are all so real that I really believed in them. There is William McTeer who meets and falls in love with the beautiful Italian Francesca. Their love story is beautiful,but not sickly soppy. There is their son Robert; who becomes the main character in the book. His best friend Angus, Robert's children Jasmine and Taylor also have chapters to tell the story.
I will not disclose the plot,as this book needs to be read and enjoyed and I will only say that I was so shocked when I read the last two lines. I was so not expecting it. PLEASE DON'T READ THE LAST 2 LINES UNTIL YOU GET THERE.
If there were 6 stars this would get it. I loved every single word.

by Mrs. T. Salmon

The writing style of `On Ashover Hill' is set by an engaging opening chapter which then appears of little relevance to the main plot. This is based on family relationships and differing values over a period of time, but author Anthony Scott deliberately omits key actions and episodes as he cleverly leaves intriguing gaps in his narrative for readers to fill in the blanks. A major character is Robert as arrogant, greedy and ruthless, yet also charismatic. His most murky and shocking deeds are not described but readers are made uncomfortable by concealed collusion and conspiracy. It may be expected this would create a disjointed story, but interwoven with Robert are his parents, children, grandchildren, friends and colleagues to both admire and despise as the author introduces conflicting concepts of good and evil, love and hate, benevolence and materialism, respect and contempt, forgiveness and blame etc. `On Ashover Hill' is essentially a love story, but it disguises dark undercurrents and gives readers much to ponder on. Yes - the opening chapter is valid.

by D. Elliott

I enjoyed this book which started with William and Francesca meeting in war torn Naples and finishes in the future, 2046. In between you see Robert, the son they have growing up in Edinburgh who turns his back on his parents values and lives by greed and a disregard for all other. Woven throughout is the family of Angus, Roberts boyhood friend and a solicitor who looks after Robert's business interests and who suspects but doesn't know for sure just how murky Robert's business dealings are.
As it goes backwards and forwards the lives of the main characters become more and more intertwined. At times it was very much a tear jerker,I admit to having a little weep! Having said all that, it is a bit disjointed in places and has a strange and shocking ending. Not a masterpiece but well worth reading.

by Mrs. C. A. Troops

Not my usual sort of book but I was intrigued with the fact it started in the future. I got caught up in the family's lives as the story unfolded through the years. I didn't want the story to end but when it did, it quite shocked me. A must read in my opinion.

by babybear

Anthony Scott

A writer based who spends his time in Upton, Nottinghamshire, and Staithes, North Yorkshire. Now on to my third published book and constantly inspired to write by my faithful readers and the joys of finding new ones! Inspiration comes from all over the place, not least of which my past. I spend my time running my business, Fiducia, and being with my family and friends. What matters most? That we care. I guess that is the real reason I write.

anthony scott

anthony scott
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