Troubador Nobeca

Released: 28/01/2018

eISBN: 9781788033992

Format: eBook

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A naked corpse leads to a sinister organisation hiding in the Swiss Alps.

A techno-thriller from today’s headlines set in Europe and the USA.

In St. Petersburg nineteen-year-old Pasha murders a prostitute brought home by Feliks, his abusive father. His father helps him to cover up this killing, but later Pasha becomes incensed at his father’s continued beating of his mother. In a rage, he grabs him and pushes his head into a cooking pot of stroganoff. His mother never recovers from this awful sight, and dies soon afterwards. After this brutal upbringing Pasha moves to Moscow and is recruited by the KGB.

Thirty years later a Russian sleeper in GCHQ coerces Bruce Foley, a British Military Intelligence office, into going to Switzerland after collaborating with a secret organisation. After being held captive there he eventually manages to escape. Fearful for his life, he contacts Robert Macaleer, an army friend, to warn him he has discovered something sinister in the Alps. Concerned for his safety Macaleer sets out to look for him.

Shortly afterwards, DCI Ben Wallace investigates the murder of a naked man in Shropshire. A local reporter informs him that another naked body has washed up on a beach near Portsmouth, but this murder has been hushed up leaving no record of the incident. He finds a similar incident has been reported in Switzerland. Wallace flies out to meet his counterpart in Geneva, and there he bumps into Jack Conrad, a former colleague in military intelligence, who is investigating the disappearance of Foley and Macaleer. 

Their search leads them to a covert organisation hidden away in the Swiss Alps which is led by a man known only as the Generalissimo. His ultimate aim is to attack the defence and infrastructure of western countries through cyberspace. The race is now on to stop him before he launches Black Crystal, a deadly computer virus.

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