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Released: 28/07/2014

ISBN: 9781783064458

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No Immunity


November, 2003. The British Ambassador in Buenos Aires,?Mark Wordsworth, is murdered on the eve of talks with the Argentine Government about the Falkland Islands. Were terrorists responsible? Or are there others who might have gained from Wordsworth’s death? His deputy, Jeremy Hawkins, hated him. But what of his widow, Ann, and her former lover, Julian De Crespigny, now Head of Foreign Office Personnel? Or Wordsworth’s successor, the apparently deeply devout William Grant? Also unclear is the role of the reclusive businessman, Angus Sterling, whose fortune is riding on a South Atlantic oil concession under threat from the negotiations. The police in Buenos Aires and London have made little progress when another death muddies the waters further. Adam White, Assistant Head of Security in the Foreign Office, sets out on his own independent enquiry under the watchful eye of his boss, James Carter. The trail takes Adam in search of the truth to Argentina and Chile and back to London before he makes his final, fateful return to Latin America. But Adam has not revealed everything about his past to his anxious lover, Alison Webster. What was his connection to Wordsworth..? Authoritative and gripping right up until the final shocking denouement, this debut novel by former diplomat Alan Hunt combines action and danger with perceptive insight into the nature of love and human fallibility. No Immunity is a riveting novel that will appeal to all thriller fans.

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5 out of 5 stars

One of the best mysteries I have read recently. Several tales are skillfully interwoven into this work, without jerking one from this to that.. A very pleasant experience!

by Georgia Hamilton

Thrillers are perennially popular. They appear in a never-ending stream from publishing houses. Some are passable; some (even from established writers) are dross; and some are good. Just occasionally, some stand out from the crowd. "No Immunity" is definitely in the last category. All the more remarkable, then, that this is Alan Hunt's first novel. It has an assurance that even some veteran thriller writers would envy.
The author is a former British diplomat. He has drawn on his experience to produce a fascinating tale of diplomacy (and more) in action. Nicely plotted - with lots of twists and mysteries to satisfy the most demanding reader - the book benefits enormously from Alan Hunt's deft, confident and attractive style. (Showing that years spent drafting Foreign Office papers have not been wasted.) The characterisation is good: lots of back stories; not everyone is what they seem; and the reader cares about what happens to (some of) the players in the drama.. I'd guess that anyone who has been "in the Diplomatic" will find a lot to recognise (though I doubt that many Ambassadors feel constrained to secrete bottles of vodka in the lavatory cistern of houses where they spend the weekend). But anyone who's spent time in any office environment will recognise the tensions and petty jealousies pictured so perfectly.
All starts with the murder of the British Ambassador to Buenos Aires. Alan Hunt clearly knows his Latin America; he has an excellent descriptive eye for people and places; and an impressive knowledge of the flora and fauna.
Above al, though, the book is a thriller. It does everything which a good thriller should - not least in drawing the reader in and along to discover "what happens next".
I have no hesitation in recommending this book as a great read - for the summer or at any other time. Alan Hunt has made an impressive start as a novelist. If he produces more like "No Immunity" he will be on the way to making the "diplomatic thriller" his own. I for one will keep my eye out for the follow-up.

by Viking

NO IMMUNITY is a crisp and captivating le Carre-esque debut novel from a retired FCO insider who evidently operated at a senior level. Gently comic at times, in a way slightly reminiscent (to me) of Paul Torday, of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen fame.

The plot was pleasingly pacy, with plenty of twists and turns and empathetic characters - an excellent read with a great flavour of what life in the diplomatic service was like in times gone by (grisly murders aside). I particularly relished the gorgeously evocative descriptions of Latin America, in particular, Santiago, Buenos Aires and Tierra del Fuego; the author has a skilled and sensitive sense of place and can paint a breath-taking picture with just a few well-chosen strokes.

This is an exciting and original new voice; I can't wait to read more from him.

by avidreader

A terrific debut! Hunt obviously knows the way the diplomatic service operates, and has a deep knowledge of Latin America. Hopefully we will see more offerings in the same vein.

by Greg Davis

I loved this book, a real page turner.

Couldn't put it down till I found out 'who done it'!

Can't wait for the next one from the author.

by Dale

A thriller that has you guessing right up to the end is no mean feat. The author, a former diplomat, has done well to command his insider's knowledge to recreate a world that, thanks to its detail, immerses the reader entirely. It is a well paced novel that is complicated enough to conceal its punches but lucid enough in the structure to allow the reader to follow what's going on. The plot moves around the globe and each location is evoked with a fine sense of place.

This is a cracking holiday read and well worth buying.

by RL

Totally un-put-downable! A masterly thriller, and I absolutely didn't see the ending coming. Excellent - along with some fascinating snippets about what life is like inside diplomatic circles. Definitely a book to be recommended.

by Janet Waltham

A great read. Incredibly easy to get drawn in and then impossible to put down. Several threads interchange in each chapter with enough space given to each to keep the reader ensconced in each thread. Great thriller, thoroughly enjoyable read and surprising right to the end. Well worth the space in your holiday bag or slot on your bookshelf. Bring on Hunt's next one...

by OT

This exciting novel by a new author kept me engaged and guessing until the surprising denouement.
There is plenty of authentic background, both of South America and of the curious world of the diplomatic service.
I'm looking forward to his next book.

by Gra

Good crisp novel great characters set against the background of the Falklands war...recommended read.

by Illande "Illande" (Weybridge UK)

No Immunity by Alan Hunt

A fascinating thriller with a difference - drawing on its author’s intimate knowledge of the machinations of the diplomatic world. I read it in one sitting and couldn’t put it down.
A hugely impressive debut novel – cannot wait for the next instalment.

by Rabbie

A thrilling novel: pacy, clever, enthralling, gripping, amusing and juicily ironic on occasion, but above all readable and enjoyable. The main characters are well-drawn and developed, and capture the reader's attention. The plot is complex, devilish and imaginative. The scene-setting, from the Foreign Office in London to Embassies and more in Latin America is very well done, and adds fine verisimilitude. This retired diplomat turned author writes so well and with such authority that I do hope will write more.

by C J Rufus

Excellent page turner. Competes well with Le Carre. The author has intimate knowledge of the Foreign Office,of diplomatic expatriate life, of human being, of life and has an exciting turn of phrase. I recommend this book.

by Peter Meisner(dr)

A splendid and compelling story, full of unexpected twists and turns right up to the final denouement. Alan Hunt uses all his own experience of Foreign Office life to create an authentic background to his exciting, unusual and adventurous story. One only hopes that his own distinguished career was not plagued by similar nefarious plottings, murders, skulduggery and betrayals. But he has certainly used his probably less dramatic personal life to create a story which is both well written and full of pace. A book which is well worth reading and almost impossible to put down.

by DW

It is clear that Alan Hunt has wandered the corridors of the Foreign Office and this together with the prose he uses to tell a good story and the book's well judged pace makes this a great airplane or poolside read. I hope Alan now sees this is a full time second career.

by Michael Pearce

A really gripping mystery - I couldn't wait to find out who was behind the murders. I loved being taken to different countries - the author obviously has great knowledge of the cities he describes, their people and language. I'm hoping their will be another Alan Hunt thriller.

by Mrs E Goulding

Taking in the insular world of the British diplomatic service in South America, it's certainly not your run-of-the-mill thriller. It starts with a brutal, professional execution and swiftly becomes a whodunnit - and whydunnit. With enough twists and false trails to make Jeffrey Archer jealous, No Immunity had me guessing to the end.

by Mister Happy "monsieurhappee"

From the very start No Immunity sets a torrid pace, with plot twists and new intrigues unfolding in every chapter. At the same time, every character, setting, location and event is absolutely, completely authentic: The sense of realism is such that you have no doubt that your humble narrator has been there before. And Hunt has an uncanny talent for character description, revealing a possible character flaw here, a potential virtue there, a vague expression of jealousy, guilt, pain - or perhaps nothing at all.
I opened the book on a Sunday afternoon intending to get myself into the story, planning as usual to put it down and digest it chapter by chapter over a week or so. No chance: the story pulled me in and even slow reader that I am, I finished the book that evening.
No Immunity is not just a suspenseful page-turner that keeps you guessing right up to the end; it is a wonderfully written story populated with real, three-dimensional characters, a pleasurable roller-coaster journey from Westminster to Tierra del Fuego and back again.

by James Rapinac

Un-put-downable. A brilliant, fast-paced plot that transported me to places both foreign and familiar - and kept me guessing throughout!

by Mimi Cullen

Atmospheric settings for a complex plot with plenty of red herrings, and smooth talking, devious diplomats....I thought maybe a touch too dysfunctional as every character seemed to have problems...but well handled and enjoyable thriller
Robert P Thomas

by Robert P Thomas

Amazing suspense novel, written by a diplomatic insider with a very deft pen.

by Amazon Customer

A page turner - good plot, good characters and well written too. An insight into the real diplomatic services, for good or bad!

by allyb

Absolutely loved this book! It is beautifully written and full of suspense (keeps you on your toes until the very end!). The characters are very well developed and the plot is gripping, yet with occasional bits of great humour that contemplate on many aspects of human nature - greed, jealousy, love and the search for the truth. A book not to be missed!

by Mushata

Good gripping read

by Nino

Amazing suspense novel, written by a diplomatic insider with a very deft pen.

by Amazon Customer

A hit from a debut novelist.
As one might expect from a former diplomat Alan Hunt excels in depicting locations and analysing character. As the story gradually unfolds to its gripping but unexpected climax the author compels the reader to keep turning the pages. I hope that we shall hear more from this talented writer.

by C Ritic

This is a splendid and refreshing thriller: the international diplomatic community, the loves, longings, and plottings of its men and women alike painted with true insider knowledge, vivid South American setting, characters original, plot a page-turner. 'Ambassador' certainly does not look like a safe job for a grown man! Where is Alan Hunt's next book?

by T Hardy

I found 'No Immunity' to be an interesting and engaging read, with some intriguing twists and a satisfying outcome that left me keen to keep my eyes open for any further titles from this author. At times I wondered if the pace could have been faster but generally speaking I thought Hunt handled the narrative very well (with the possible exception of the Spanish dialogue, which was incomprehensible to me). It's a nicely presented piece of work that has obviously received a great deal of Hunt's attention and I was very pleased to come across it. Definitely worth a read.

by Marcus Case

Intricate, credible and gripping, I found it hard to put this thriller down as the story reached its climax

by Michael Hodge

An excellent and exciting read - I could not put it down. I thoroughly recommend it!

by Richard Austen

Alan Hunt

Alan Hunt is a former British diplomat, who served in the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and East Asia. He was for seven years Director of the Oxford University Foreign Service Programme and is now a Visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges.

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