Troubador Night Shelter

Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788033633

Format: Paperback

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Night Shelter


Everybody at Butchers’ Row in Southwark has something to hide... Described as ‘London noir’, Night Shelter, the 9th novel from thriller writer Gil Hogg, delves deep into the seedy underground world of drugs, prostitution and corruption in Britain’s capital. Jimmy Morton, a supervisor at the Night Shelter for the homeless, finds himself unwittingly involved in the murder of Eva, a local prostitute found in a tenement in Butchers’ Row. The director of the Night Shelter and his guest Arnold Catesby have had a boys’ night out, a drug-fuelled sex party at a nearby pub close to where Eva’s body was discovered. Cynical and self-protective CI Dan Hamish from the Yard finds that Eva was at the party, but believes that?Catesby and his friends are too big to touch. As the group are interrogated one-by-one, they assure Hamish that they have solid ‘insurance’ – but will it pay off? Night Shelter is a fast-paced detective novel that encapsulates the gritty, sardonic nature of London’s underground crime network. This book will appeal to fans of Peter Ackroyd and Mark Billingham, as well as fans of Hogg’s previous titles.

A man without a past, and a woman without a future. This is a novel about the friendship between a young musician, David, who has lost his memory in a car accident, and an older woman, Cathy, who is dying from Hiuntington's disease. It is a light-hearted look at the effect of degenerative diseases on those who care.

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Jimmy Morton lead character in this book was an interesting young man. When I started to read I mistakenly thought the story was based in the late 18000 or early 19000, as I read on I became aware it is set in current times. Interesting how some things don't change. The story line and plot was excellent and clearly well researched. The political intrigue and cover ups taking place by Lord Catesby and his mates to enable them to lead the life they wanted to regardless of others well being is very believable ! A well written book with interesting characters and a good plot. I didn't want to put it down.

by Nicky Jay

Jimmy Morton is asked by Betty Thrussell to help move the dead body of local prostitute, Eva, she has found in her hall.

With this good start, I enjoyed this novel. I was entertained by the drama of the characters who are all so mixed and full of personality.

There are a few twists and I read this book in one sitting, It certainly helped my insomnia and kept me up till the small hours

by Tracy Shephard

Gil Hogg

Gil Hogg has drawn on his experience as a corporate lawyer to write two thrillers, A Smell of Fraud and The Predators. His work for a national drug dependency charity for several years brought him into close touch with the culture of dependency, and led to his non-fiction book about how to handle stress, Teaching Yourself Tranquillity. Caring for Cathy is based on his family's experience of caring for a loved one with the degenerative disease, Huntington's.

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