Troubador Murder Pure and Simple

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781784625023

Format: Paperback

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Murder Pure and Simple


Murder Pure and Simple is set in a Midlands mining town during the 30s and 40s. Big?John Oakley, a miner and well-respected chapel-goer, lives in a colliery house with his wife and family. However, a series of events leave Big John powerless to prevent his family’s traditional lifestyle from falling apart through lust, greed and drink, resulting in revenge, murder and retribution. Moving forward to the 80s, in a mining and agricultural town just a few miles from the Oakley home, the body of an elderly man is found on the railway lines close to a bridge. Detective Inspector Jim Stirling, an experienced investigator, is satisfied that the man was murdered. The body is identified as Tommy Oakley, an alcoholic and former boxer dossing in the railway carriages nearby. The ensuing investigation is full of twists and turns, taking DI?Stirling and his partner DS Johnson back to the 1940s to re-examine a murder which saw two men convicted and hanged for their crimes. Can Stirling and Johnson unravel the secrets of the past concealed for nearly four decades within a conspiracy of silence? Murder Pure and Simple is an intricate crime novel that will also appeal to fans of historical fiction.

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Carl T. Jackson

I was born the second son of a family of six children at Hucknall Torkard a coal mining and market town in Nottinghamshire, England. Hitler had come to power some three years earlier and very soon the world was at war. They were difficult times to experience and live through. My two brothers and I together with our dear mother bore the brunt of those terrible years. Our father was a master plasterer following his trade wherever work was available. As a result we lived an almost nomadic life, never settled for very long in one place, not really having a permanent home. We brothers were born in different towns. However our three sisters, who came along after a twelve year, break experienced a more settled life. Our father who had also been a semi professional boxer neglected his family, was alcoholic and a wife beater. He abandoned us before I reached my teens. And therein lies another tale! Mother continued her role as father and mother to her brood of six children all of whom loved and adored the dear lady. On reaching school leaving age my brothers and I left home to join the Royal Navy. I followed my elder brother to HMS Ganges, the premier training establishment for boys entering the Senior Service. It was a tough place of strict regimes, harsh discipline and severe punishments. The instructors were hardened professional seamen truly men of iron preparing us for a life at sea. Younger brother joined at HMS Victorious and trained aboard the aircraft carrier HMS Warrior. The years that followed were the making of us. It wasn't always plain sailing but we survived and the exp9ierence was our springboard to the future.Upon leaving the service 'The Brothers Three' chose individual pathways to follow. But we were bound together united in life's journey by our Mother's never ending love which was reciprocated in turn by us all.From a background of poverty, hardship and neglect my brothers and sisters remain united by that bond of love forged during times of despair, deprivation and homelessness which we challenged and overcame. Our mother Beatrice Maude Mary Jackson Peternel, nee Pilgrim. 'crossed the bar' in 2011. She was 100 years of age. She rests for eternity with her eldest boy Kenneth Gordon Jackson, Former Chief Petty Officer RN, Author, Councillor, etc., in the cemetery alongside the school attended by all her children, in the village where she was born and raised

Pleasley Hill, Nottinghamshire.

Upon leaving the Navy I was employed underground on the coal face at Pleasley Colliery, Derbyshire. Later joining the Nottinghamshire Constabulary where I served for 30 years attaining the rank of Detective Chief Inspector. My education included obtaining a Batchelor of Arts Degree with Honours in History and Creative Writing (University of Derby) and a Masters Degree in History (University of Nottingham).My wife Margaret and I recently celebrated our Diamond Wedding Anniversary (60 years)aboard Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas which coincided with 61 years celebration of my sailing to Antarctica aboard HMS Protector,Falkland Islands Defence and Survey ship.

My novel 'Murder Pure and Simple' was written at the urging of my family to 'write about your life dad. You've done and seen so much your children, grandchildren and great grand children want to read about it.' And so my novel was born. However,it is not the story of my life. It is not a true story but a crime mystery set in real (and not so real!)locations. And so drawing upon my own experiences of 30 years as a Police Officer, mainly as a detective, I have attempted to present to the reader a realistic story of crime investigation during the years before DNA and digital technology. I was further influenced by Ernest Hemmingway who is said to have advised authors to 'Write about what you know.' I have taken that advice on board and hope my effort is reflected in the finished work.

My aim is to follow up with a sequel in due course as well as pen a biography, 'I Want a Dad' because I never had one. A father in name but not a Dad! A further project is the production of a self illustrated children's picture story book, 'Buster the Brave' based around Buster a St. Bernard mountain rescue dog (with a difference!) The prototype has been well received especially by my married grandchildren who want it to be an audio book for their small children with Gt/Granddad as story teller. I'll keep you updated.

Carl T. Jackson

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