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Released: 28/01/2015

ISBN: 9781784621346

eISBN: 9781784628338

Format: Hardback/eBook

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What if all the conspiracies we have heard about are not theories but facts? Westminster. The day after tomorrow. A new political party has come to power, out of nowhere, and has made enemies of the rich and powerful – ‘shadow people’ connected to financial and corporate conglomerates, and perhaps even royalty. Ray Grady, a former talk show icon, has the charisma to lead this new force to the House of Commons and stop the nation descending into anarchy. There’s just one minor complication… Ray has just been assassinated, and all hell is about to break loose if the public finds out. A scientific genius has a way to reanimate this now-deceased Prime Minister, but the risk of exposure of the plan could lead to the wrecking of the country’s fragile stability. Ray’s inner circle of advisers must pull off the greatest escape of all – bringing their leader back from the dead. Unknown to them, they could have some major allies… including forces from the spirit world. With twists and turns, it's time to accept this is not the world as we see it described in the mainstream. The propaganda has gone, to be replaced with devastating truth. Are you ready to be Mindful? A UK-based The West Wing for a new era of politics, where the choices on offer are no longer left or right, Mindful will appeal to readers of political fiction and fans of television shows such as the American restaging of House of Cards.

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A brilliant read, with twists and surprises along the way. Now we need to work out how to control the puppets! Well done Alex G xxx

by Linda

I enjoyed this book very much. I was not sure what to expect, it is difficult to pigeon hole the plot, part political thriller, part science fiction and a whole lot of 'makes you think' all jumbled up together. Politics and science fiction are strange bedfellows but it really works in this story. If you want a hint as to the plot, look at the cover art and title and take them literally.
Some sections of society are not ready for this kind of story or would chose to ignore the bigger picture being presented but the points made in this tale really made me think (I even made notes of things I wanted to look up at a later date!) and it is all cleverly encapsulated within a story that although sounding fanciful could happen. Great fun, with realistic believable characters thrown into an unbelievable, but possible adventure. I look forward to more.

by Em Ward

The dazzling worlds of professional sports, entertainment journalism and political intrigue are masterfully brought together in alex:g’s nightmarish, allegorical thriller Mindful. When ambitious, fast climbing celebrity TV host Ray Grady is confronted with disturbing papers that document anomalies in the British voting system, his life is unknowingly changed forever. Set in the day after tomorrow, this is a chilling novel that savagely reveals the most awful secrets of a sinister organization out to rule Great Britain through conspiracies and deception.

Grady’s clever wit and a gnawing passion to be the center of attention quickly attract others in the news business and government positions, who also oppose the current system. Within a short time they form a party, “We the People”, where he is elected the new Prime Minister. But his world is abruptly turned upside-down and his life is distorted forever by clandestine mayhem.

The exciting and page-turning narrative runs rings around other stories of similar ilk as it moves quickly from one questionable character to another through a labyrinth of lies. It is a masterfully told tale that will draw the reader in with its intrigue and fascinating evil, leaving one stunned with its unexpected denouement. Be aware, before it is too late!

by Jean-Pierre Dorleac

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