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Released: 28/01/2015

ISBN: 9781784621346

eISBN: 9781784628338

Format: Hardback/eBook

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What if all the conspiracies we have heard about are not theories but facts?

Television producer and presenter alex:g published Mindful in 2015, and it has turned out to be a very prophetic novel. In passing, the result of the 2015 UK General Election was correctly forecast. He envisaged the majority of the UK population becoming further disconnected from politics, with the views of party memberships at odds with their MPs.

The departure from the EU was also anticipated, but from a new party (and not UKIP) standing on that platform and enforcing it, rather than via a referendum. This vision was of a new political force which brought people together from all walks of life, rather than one which created division.

In Mindful, a vote of no confidence in the Government led to a snap general election. The novel suggested the uncovering of huge election fraud. In the current Westminster climate, it could be all sorts of reasons why elected politicians lose the support of the general public.

The novel sees a coalition of like-minded independent candidates formed in a matter of weeks under the umbrella title of ‘We the People’, co-ordinated by an enigmatic public figure admired across the social spectrum, where “left” and “right” have become almost meaningless.

Standing up to the status quo becomes a dangerous occupation for the hero of the story, former talk-show host Ray Grady. His course of action will not go unpunished. This is where what started as a political thriller takes on aspects of extrapolative science fiction, with cutting edge quantum physics at its core.

Marcus Allen, UK Publisher of Nexus Magazine, the world’s number one publication for alternative news, puts the prescience of Mindful into perspective: “Big ideas, great characters and a page-turning atmosphere which was all-enveloping. I just had to find out where we would be taken next. Nothing was predictable. And we have to ask: is the author psychic? Mindful was published several months before the 2015 election, yet many events described had not happened for real at that point!

“The use of so many of the alternative undercurrents in today’s media was a master stroke. I really liked the way we were introduced to so many of the topics on the cusp of mainstream knowledge - Bilderberg, the Bradbury Pound, fractional reserve banking, and the centre piece: holograms. I imagine a lot of people will be playing catch-up on Google! The novel does us all a great service when we know there is a bright future ahead - if only we would understand that to be the case”.

'A fantasy that could easily become fact – if people only believed the power for real, positive change was within us all. Incredibly thrilling and somewhat controversial, one of those books that will take you to a place you may well recognise...'
– Les Hemstock, Actor, Producer and Presenter (BBC, NBC, CBS).

'If you think regime change is hard to come by, wait until you see the political world that alex:g has dreamed up. Like ours, corruption and conspiracy continue their dance without heeding morals or public spirit, and any means justify the ends. The difference is that "the ends" aren't what they used to be!'
– Bryce Zabel, Author, Surrounded by Enemies: What if Kennedy Survived Dallas?

'alex:g has the enviable ability to write in an incredibly visual style. An approach that can conjure up a thousand images within a small amount of time but is complex enough to keep the reader riveted to what's happening on the page… as well as what's said between the sentences.'
– Mike Perkins, Artist for Marvel Comics on Captain America and Stephen King's The Stand.

'A new political party in the UK, or anywhere else for that matter, might only get into power via the route outlined in Mindful. A whirlwind formation and run for office, leaving no time for infiltration, derailment, or attempts at a systematic demolition job by the corporate-controlled media. In this unusual and intriguing merger of political thriller and science fiction, alex:g reminds us that those pulling the strings are not going to surrender cheaply.'
– Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson, Editors, UK Column newspaper.

'alex:g has carved a unique niche for himself, crossing the divide between the worlds of "truthseeking" and entertainment journalism to bring to wider attention key areas of importance that the mainstream media has kept from us. Mindful encapsulates this approach, highlighting crucial issues that genuinely affect us all, woven into a captivating fiction that may in reality be anything but.'
– Andy Thomas, Author, The Truth Agenda.

'Constitutionally the political machinations within Mindful are 100% correct when looking at the result of the UK’s Referendum on the EU. Referenda and the Treaty of Lisbon, with its Article 50, are of zero significance to our constitution. Repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 (ECA) requires a majority of purposely-elected MPs with that platform, and one afternoon’s motion and division at Westminster. If the British people want to avoid a rerun of having unlawful treaties signed over our heads, and then being told extrication from them is nigh impossible, we had better read this book. We’d also be well advised to find out why our six-century-old right to issue a Writ of Praemunire (to address the offence under English law of appealing to or obeying a foreign court or authority, thus challenging the supremacy of the Crown) was rescinded by our whipped party MPs five years before the ECA was enacted.'
– Alex Thomson, former GCHQ officer, and an expert on the inner workings of UK Government.

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A brilliant read, with twists and surprises along the way. Now we need to work out how to control the puppets! Well done Alex G xxx

by Linda

I enjoyed this book very much. I was not sure what to expect, it is difficult to pigeon hole the plot, part political thriller, part science fiction and a whole lot of 'makes you think' all jumbled up together. Politics and science fiction are strange bedfellows but it really works in this story. If you want a hint as to the plot, look at the cover art and title and take them literally.
Some sections of society are not ready for this kind of story or would chose to ignore the bigger picture being presented but the points made in this tale really made me think (I even made notes of things I wanted to look up at a later date!) and it is all cleverly encapsulated within a story that although sounding fanciful could happen. Great fun, with realistic believable characters thrown into an unbelievable, but possible adventure. I look forward to more.

by Em Ward

The dazzling worlds of professional sports, entertainment journalism and political intrigue are masterfully brought together in alex:g’s nightmarish, allegorical thriller Mindful. When ambitious, fast climbing celebrity TV host Ray Grady is confronted with disturbing papers that document anomalies in the British voting system, his life is unknowingly changed forever. Set in the day after tomorrow, this is a chilling novel that savagely reveals the most awful secrets of a sinister organization out to rule Great Britain through conspiracies and deception.

Grady’s clever wit and a gnawing passion to be the center of attention quickly attract others in the news business and government positions, who also oppose the current system. Within a short time they form a party, “We the People”, where he is elected the new Prime Minister. But his world is abruptly turned upside-down and his life is distorted forever by clandestine mayhem.

The exciting and page-turning narrative runs rings around other stories of similar ilk as it moves quickly from one questionable character to another through a labyrinth of lies. It is a masterfully told tale that will draw the reader in with its intrigue and fascinating evil, leaving one stunned with its unexpected denouement. Be aware, before it is too late!

by Jean-Pierre Dorleac

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