Troubador Mercy or Mercenary?

Released: 28/09/2018

eISBN: 9781789011135

Format: eBook

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Mercy or Mercenary?


Introducing a thought-provoking thriller, Mercy or Mercenary grabs the reader from the beginning with tight pacing and takes them on a heartstopping journey. Readers of Agatha Christie will enjoy this tense, clever story that will make you question what is morally right when faced with a degenerative illness like Alzheimer’s.


Ralph Maguire, aided by his friend, Duncan Sinclair, and loving wife, Isabel, is in the middle of writing the biography of well-known actor Leo Adare, despite suffering from advancing Alzheimer’s. In a shocking twist, Ralph is found dead and the post mortem reveals that he died from an overdose of his medication - yet it was impossible for him to get to the bathroom cabinet unaided. So who administered the dose...and why?


Detective Inspector Kershaw is called in, and as the investigation deepens, Isabel almost dies from food poisoning, Duncan is twice pushed into oncoming traffic by an unseen attacker, and Leo Adare’s nephew makes it very clear that he strongly disapproves of the biography that exposes Leo’s inner turmoil about his sexuality.


With the list of potential suspects growing by the second - including an out-of-the-blue illegitimate daughter with demands of her share of Ralph’s estate - Detective Kershaw is up to his neck in lies and deceit. To get to the truth,  he must decide once and for all: mercy or mercenary killing...?

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