Troubador Master of Starlight

Released: 28/06/2019

ISBN: 9781838590406

eISBN: 9781838598846

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Master of Starlight


Leon Dabrowski is an outstanding physicist – a genius to those who know him. When he makes an astonishing breakthrough at a nuclear research facility, he realises that the world sits on the cusp of unlimited energy for the foreseeable future. However, Leon and his technical colleagues receive no accolades, no rewards. Instead they are dragged into the murky world of industrial espionage and treated like criminals, while Leon’s fiancée, the gifted mathematician Magda Tomala, finds herself a prisoner in a subterranean sexual fantasy complex.

How can Leon find his beloved Magda? Abandoning his vital work, he must assist a Polish special police unit in their attempts to smash an international sex trafficking operation. 

Working undercover from within an emerging London cult society, Leon starts his covert researches into the city’s sophisticated world of prostitution for the super-rich. But by now, he is a fugitive. Everyone wants to know the whereabouts of Leon Dabrowski – the oligarch he works for, his beleaguered colleagues, the madame of a brothel owned by the Russian mafiya . . . dangerous people are hunting for him. And there is one among them who harbours a shocking secret about Leon’s early life.

Just finished reading this book - could not put it down.
Fantastic plot and cleverly written - most enjoyable read in quite some time.
Highly recommended - go buy it folks - you will not be disappointed

by Michael O'Neill

Excellent reading. Would make a good film.

by Pamela Thomas

Keith Short

I graduated in physics at Durham University in 1972 and went on to do research in nuclear instrumentation in support of my doctorate. As a research officer in the electricity supply industry, I published numerous papers in technical journals and the final ten years of my career were spent working as a nuclear safety case author. I now fulfil my passion for writing by working full time as an author of fiction.

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