Troubador Liking Good Jazz

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Released: 01/04/2005

ISBN: 9781904744962

Format: Paperback

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Liking Good Jazz


The city back streets rock to Bo Diddley and Chuck berry 45s, but the swinging sixties bring nothing but trouble for the cheapest callgirl on Goodladies Road. Searching for an abandoned infant, she learns that the father has been murdered, then someone tries to shoot her.

Timbers takes us into the shadows and dark alleyways of her world, where shopkeepers and porters want to draw her into the murky sides of their lives. Seeking help from her friends, she soon learns that she can trus no-one, even those close to her. Before it's all over, she's sure of just one thing... no place rocks like the Hoboken Arms on a Tuesday night.

Timberdick's First Case
Piggy Tucker's Poison
The Case of the Dirty Verger

"This is parochial policing at its best" says the Shropshire Star.
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Malcolm Noble

As a young man Malcolm Noble served in the Portsmouth police, a chapter in his life that provides some background to his crime fiction. He has written fourteen mystery novels set in the south of England from the 1920s to the 1960s. He has presented his own weekly book programme on local radio and has had two plays produced on fm radio. Press reviews have emphasised his sense of place and atmosphere, his strong characterisation and first rate storytelling.

Malcolm Noble now lives in Market Harborough where he and his wife run a second-hand bookshop.
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