Troubador Letter from Galapagos

Released: 28/01/2020

ISBN: 9781838592554

Format: Paperback

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Letter from Galapagos


Fingest Yachts, based in the south of England, is a leading small boat company. It’s founder, Frank Fingest, has recently died, leaving his son’s wife, Debbi, to run the business.

Debbi’s husband Harry is Frank’s son by his first marriage, a likeable man in his twenties, who is not really into business, so he has set off on a round-the-world in a Fingest yacht with his best mate Gerry.

Before leaving the Galapagos islands on the long haul across the Pacific to the French Marquesas, he sends a routine letter to his wife.

All’s well, nothing to report. Then silence. They have disappeared in the vastness of the Pacific.

Tom Wells happened to be the man who delivered the Letter from Galapagos to Debbi and when her husband became seriously overdue she asked Tom to travel to the Pacific to see if he could find out what had happened to husband Harry. To say any more would reveal the plot!

Rolf has seven e-books available on Amazon, most also as paperbacks. They are:

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No.4. "Night Watchman" combines aviation and Westminster politics.

No.5. "Road to Mandalay' starts in the French Alps, but a cyber problem takes us much further afield.

No.6. 'Stasiland' is the eastern part Unified Germany, where political extremism is on the rise.

No.7. 'Letter from Galapagos' goes to the Pacific for some sailing skullduggery

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Rolf Richardson

After a career as a British Airways pilot, finishing on 747s, Rolf took to travel photography, with over 15,00 photo sales, and cruise lecturing, In these various roles he has visited over 110 countries.

Time now to write about some of those places and he has chosen the route of popular 'faction': fictional stories set in factual places and events. His aim is an easy read, a mix of adventure, history and romance.

Rolf Richardson

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