Troubador Lethal Response

Released: 28/04/2021

ISBN: 9781800463141

eISBN: 9781800469761

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Lethal Response


Lethal Response follows the aftermath of an epic and bloody battle. Law enforcement headed by Major Paul Stafford, destroyed a huge drug smuggling and people trafficking ring, in an operation code named, TRASHED.

Stafford’s previous success in smashing international terrorist groups and criminal gangs have seen him and his crew seconded to Hampshire Constabulary.

The police are jubilant; they feel they have gained the upper hand.

But without evidence to charge anyone with the horrific murder of his long term sergeant and friend, and the cold blooded shooting of an innocent colleague, Stafford feels he’s failed.

He determines to do whatever it takes to hunt the killers down.

Crime bosses are fighting back. Witnesses are being killed to stop them from testifying – Stafford’s colleagues and friends continue to be targeted.

Stafford is desperate to protect the people he cares about. And bring the crime lords and their hitmen to justice.

Paul Stafford’s kind of justice.

LETHAL RESPONSE, a breathtaking story following on from the author’s stunning debut novel, TRASHED.

Second book, LETHAL RESPONSE, following on from TRASHED, will be available from 28/04/2021.

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Norman Townsend

Born and bred in Oxford. Moved to Andover some 35 years ago. Tempted to write memoirs of my days in the waste tips...... Maybe one day.

The only other piece I've had published, an article in YOURS magazine, 2006.
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