Troubador Lethal Response

Released: 28/04/2021

ISBN: 9781800463141

Format: Paperback

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Lethal Response


In another fast paced thriller of unrivalled realism, Paul Stafford knows his job is only half done. Stafford and crew have smashed a drug and people smuggling operation in Hampshire. Police hierarchy announce to the media, “This is a stunning victory. At last we have the upper hand against these international gangsters”.

Stafford is furious and definitely not convinced. Yes, they’d taken a bunch of ruthless criminals off the streets; but these are just the foot soldiers. They have no idea who the real movers and shakers are.

When Stafford is attacked on his own doorstep, and the wife of one of his colleagues is seriously assaulted; he knows the battle is on going.

Then two Asian gangsters from the West Midlands are found murdered in an Aldershot flat, alongside one of the foot soldiers. It’s obvious to Stafford they’re far from having the upper hand.

Under tremendous pressure, Stafford has to find a way to bring the gangsters to book, while keeping DS Nicole Martin, the rest of his crew and their families safe.

The CPS and Hampshire police add to the pressure when a number of the criminals arrested, turn Queen’s Evidence and are bailed or put into safe houses. The criminal bosses put a bounty on their heads and mount a campaign of violence and terror against them.

Now Stafford needs to keep these important witnesses alive, at least till they get to trial.

DCI Talbot, head of Hampshire’s Special Branch, furious about the rising death toll and apparent lack of progress, adds to Stafford’s burden by foisting a “fast tracked” DI on to his team, saying, “He’s known for getting results”.

Stafford’s enemies have other ideas.

Hang on for a very bumpy ride.

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Norman Townsend

Born and bred in Oxford. Moved to Andover some 35 years ago. Tempted to write memoirs of my days in the waste tips...... Maybe one day.

The only other piece I've had published, an article in YOURS magazine, 2006.
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