Troubador Legacy

Released: 28/03/2021

ISBN: 9781800461970

eISBN: 9781800468979

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The wide-ranging plot straddles four continents as the main characters’ lives intertwine; driven by love, betrayal, ambition and the desire for a Legacy.

Bucephalus is a secret project that will produce the world’s first emissions free car using a special fuel and engine, but there is another hidden agenda. China seizes on the opportunity to use Bucephalus to bring America to its knees, for its own ends.

Gene Finnegan the automotive giant behind the project persuades the US president to lead a humanitarian programme called Feed Africa, using it to hide the environmental testing his vehicles require.

Joseph Montgomery, America’s president is desperate to avert a war, become the hero he images himself to be and finally break free from his domineering mother.

Josie Ryland knows the truth. Bucephalus is destroying the eco system and the people she loves in southern Africa. Can she stop it from being launched? The stage is set for a showdown with unimaginable consequences.

18 April
The presentation to Hampshire WI has proved to be a great success. I'm now in the official speakers booklet. So far I've picked up 4 bookings. As well as the fee and mileage, I hope to sell some copies of Legacy to the members, and who knows if I sell enough I might get invited back to talk to their book club - if they have one.

I do my presentation to Surrey in July.

This might be how I sell the remaining stock, as I'm shocked that since August 2021 I have had no sales from Troubador's own bookshop; despite discounting it and keeping it on the top page.

11 March
The Literary Festival went really well. Had 22 attendees and sold 6 books. From small beginnings come great rewards.
Hampshire WI have added me to their speakers list. And I have one booking in Romsey for 2023. I think this is the way to sell my book going on into the future. Besides I get a fee for each visit.

The BOOKBAG Jill Murphy review

Corporate boss Gene Finnegan has a plan to increase his already startling wealth and ensure his legacy: to bring the world's first emission-free car to market and dominate production. The secret development project to enable this, Bucephalus, is already underway and Finnegan bankrolls US president Joseph Montgomery into a second term to help him carry it out. Montgomery is also looking for a legacy and one that does not involve his controlling mother and her foundation, so grabs onto Finnegan's Feed Africa programme with both hands but Feed Africa is not what Montgomery has been led to believe. It is Finnegan's live experiment with his new fuel, which is not as safe as advertised. And it's also a way for the Chinese to infiltrate and expand on their geopolitical ambitions.
Into this mix comes Josie Ryland, an ex employee of Finnegan's. She has witnessed the development of the new fuel and she knows the dangers - from health implications to the murderous ruthlessness of Gene Finnegan. Can Josie expose what's going on? Or is it too late? The ensuing tense thriller follows all the main players across four continents of the globe as they each seek to create the legacies they long for and exposes their corruptions, betrayals and ambitions. It's a wild ride addressing critical global issues.
I enjoyed this energetic political thriller. It gets into its stride very quickly and is a page-turning read - I managed it in two sittings punctuated only by a meal. There is a large cast of characters, all well-rounded and with disparate but entirely credible motivations. I particularly enjoyed Kate, the world weary doctor battling AIDS in her African community and Professor Li, the effete, corruptible but brilliant scientist, for very different reasons. The plot unravels in a very satisfying way and covers important contemporary topics such as climate change, corporate political influence, and the resurgence of China leading to unstable geopolitics. These are things we should all be thinking about and raise Legacy from being a simple goodies versus baddies political thriller into something altogether more thoughtful.
Without spoiling - perish the thought! - I liked the denouement: it leaves the door open for more from Sacha on Bucephalus and the forces driving it. I'd like to read more if my suspicion is correct!
If you enjoy a good thriller that travels the world and discusses the real threats facing humanity, Legacy is a book you'd enjoy.

by Jill Murphy

I have just finished reading Legacy. A truly excellent read and I enjoyed it very much. A clever plot with lots of twists and turn and intrigue. A real page turner. Now passed to Sue and I expect she will be 'gripped' by it too.

by Alan Byrne

'Contemporary intrigue.' This is a really good read. It is a story of contemporary concern - climate change and political intrigue. It has a surprising, tangled and compelling, fast moving plot. Will there be a follow up I wonder?

by Lesley Bernau

Wow! Just finished it. Now Malcolm has it. Political thrillers aren't particularly my sort of genre but I did genuinely enjoy this one. It will definitely make a good film- Netflix here we come.

by Carol Brinson

A real page turner. A well researched and very clever and original novel. I can thoroughly recommend it.

by Sue Byrne

I've started reading Legacy and wanted to send you my first response. I'm a slow reader and usually take some time before I settle into the grain of the writing style and begin to enjoy the adventure in a new story. This has been different, it immediately became a 'page turner' and I cant wait until the late evening news is over and I can get back to my new book. Legacy has already got a 5 star stamp.

by Jeremy Sacha

Just finished Legacy and very impressed. An exciting story with believable characters which had me hanging on a cliff edge. Surely we are now all awaiting, 'What Josie did next.'

by Joy Barr

Wow, I have just finished reading Legacy and what a great storyline!
John Phillips

by John Phillips

a cracking page turner with an original slant on geo-politics, the environmental crisis and pandemics. The writing keeps the reader wanting to get ahead and see round the next corner. There are some wonderful "villains" while the main character, Josie, becomes increasingly relateable, so that you find yourself cheering her on. The author is especially at her most atmospheric in the African scenes, you can smell it and hear its voices. This thriller is begging to be filmed.

by stewart dakers

The first chapter of this fast-moving thriller is called Bucephalus and Wikipedia tells me that this was the name of Alexander the Great’s charger, an animal which followed his master on his campaigns from Greece through Egypt and Persia to Pakistan.

The name is appropriate. In Legacy, Bucephalus is an ambitious new project designed to revolutionise the automotive industry by eliminating harmful emissions. The novel follows its progress and in doing so flits between many exotic locations which include the Oval Office of the White House, the backwaters of New England, leafy English countryside and the vibrant expanses of South Africa. The chapters set in South Africa are particularly convincing, perhaps because the author lived there for some years.

The wide geographical range of the novel reflects the scale of the issues tackled in this thriller – the environment, the relationship between politics and international corporations, the problems which sometimes accompany scientific advances and the recurring problem of world hunger.

Legacy sets a cracking pace and readers need to have their wits about them if they are to keep up. However, it’s well worth the effort as we follow this thrilling narrative to its conclusion.

by GO

I have just finished reading your book.
I almost found I couldn't put it down. So different but so believable and such detail about Africa.
How about continuing the story?

by Mary Williams

Legacy is a book that has it all : action, political intrigue, social commentary and family drama.

It starts off at a pace and stays there for most of the story. What I liked was how current it is considering how long it took to write. The author must have had a crystal ball to imagine the black uprising which can related to the black lives matter movement of today. The premise of the novel is spot on and it's obvious that a lot of research went into it. For me I would have liked more of the science, but that's just me being geeky.

The action when it comes is good and has the reader on the edge of their seat.
Moving to the parts set in Africa, it' clear the author has used their knowledge of South Africa and managed to make it relevant to today. Got a bit bogged down (in my opinion) with the family drama as it slows down the pace a bit. But the author needed it, to explain how and why things happen or have happened.

The political stuff in America I loved, that is the kind of thing I could read all day; political backbiting, the deals and the intrigue. All good stuff. Also liked the political and underhand dealings of the business men, politicians and all the foreign powers.

I especially liked the ending, didn't see that coming and dare I say it leaves it open for a second novel.

It's got everything to make it a good TV seral.

All in all a good read. Must be good because once I started it I wanted to finish it, which for me is something. It is well written, and for me it would be good book to take on holiday and read by the pool or the beach.

by John Clarkson

Legacy is an unpretentious political thriller that keeps you questioning until the very end. It explores the lengths that families are willing to go in protecting their heritage, make money and boost their popularity within the country.
An excellent, fast moving novel that is easy to read that brought back vivid memories of my own experience of South Africa


This debut novel by CA Sacha had me hooked from the first page. This political thriller set crosses four continents from the corridors of political and industrial power of the USA to the veldt of Southern Africa, touching down in rural England.
Legacy kept me hooked until the last page. I could smell the fertile grasslands of Southern Africa, see the English countryside and the luxury of modern China that is shown to the West.
But behind it all, politicians and industrialists are playing a dangerous game, manipulating as they strive for personal glory and increasing wealth. Can disaster be averted? Josie, a determined young woman with her past in Africa and her present in the USA hopes so.
The characters leap from the page their strengths and weaknesses driving the plot forwards to a wholly unexpected and thrilling finale.
Legacy is beautifully written. It’s a long time since I have enjoyed a book quite so much.

by J. Foster

I found I could not put it down.
For a person that is not a big reader of books I found it easy to read and follow.
The subject matter of big business, the oil industry, China and American politics plus the problems in Africa, I found very captivating.
This book seemed to cover a lot of the present problems with race relation
I would certainly recommend this book to any one that likes a good read.

by Roger Hobbs

I have just finished reading Legacy and really enjoyed it. The story had so many twists and turns and I was gripped right to the end.

by Libby B.

We've both finished Legacy now and have to give you a big mazel tovs on imagining such a complex and engaging story. Feed Africa sounds so plausible, it's hard to believe that some crook hasn't already thought of it.
Such a really timely piece with a big horizon and some great characters- you must have amalgamated a few people you know here!
A TV series or film would be the natural progression and we wish you all the luck in the world as you move the project on.
We look forward to the next one!

by Mike & Reina Reinstein

LEGACY by Carol Sacha

I really enjoyed Legacy. It was a fast paced and gripping read - a real page turner. I loved the many interesting and engaging topical themes: climate change, USA vs China, rampant capitalism, geopolitics, the inequalities in modern America and family conflict. The characters were well developed and convincing, particularly the villains who were ruthless about making money or creating their legacies regardless of the cost. I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of the landscape and communities in Africa but also the ‘left behind’ communities in America. The ending was shocking and surprising and definitely points to a sequel. Josie needs to get the truth out there and expose the corruption and threat to humanity before it’s too late. I agreed with other reviewers that this exciting story would make a great film or TV series.

Karin Hastie

by Karin Hastie

I have just finished Legacy which I really enjoyed. I liked the way the characters were introduced a bit at a time. I wondered how you had predicted some of the real world events which are actually happening such as the relations between the Us and China. The rise of China and the race relation situation in the US etc Black Lives - White Lies is so similar to Black Lives Matter. It also raises the question is capitalism the way out of the climate change problems.

by Clive Cook

I thoroughly enjoyed Legacy, especially once you had introduced all the main characters. I did struggle at times with the scientific terms but that was a very minor failing on my part. What an incredible amount of research and it has certainly paid off as the result is a gripping, entertaining and very topical novel. I couldn’t put it down and it would make a great movie!

by Marion Batchelor ( NZ)

I enjoyed this book it was well written with good pacing/flow and well-developed characters. I read this fast I could not put it down with plenty of twists to keep me guessing, I am definitely going to be looking for more from this author, highly recommended.

Original review:

by NetGalley review

It is a handsomely produced volume and I found that the experience of reading such a nicely presented book, was a pleasure in itself.

The genre is outside my usual choice of reading and I have to admit it took me sometime to get into the story and to engage with the characters. But as soon as the action moved to southern Africa the book came alive and I found I could not put it down. You have a real skill in portraying the atmosphere of Africa in glorious technicolour.

Of your characters , my favourite was the President's mother, She was a 'real piece of work' but also gritty and multi dimensional.

The action was fast -moving and made for compelling reading as the plot reached its conclusion, but I have to admit that I was so anxious to find out what happened that I think I read it too fast and the ending came as a bit of a slightly baffling surprise. I'm going to have to read it again.

I would love to read more of your work using the African setting, for which you have a clear affinity.

by Anne Jones

An exciting complex plot with some strong characters. I enjoyed it - in fact more second time round.
I've some experience of US business methods so especially like the business/White House intrigue.
The author clearly can span many disciplines - chemistry, geography and politics etc, which is unusual.
Not my usual choice of book but very pleased to have done so. Well done Carol.

by David Jones

Innovative and original ...Visceral and disturbing...And endlessly thought - provoking, this blistering expos of global corruption is surprisingly a debut novel, but I can assure you CA Sacha writes with razor-sharp professionalism.
Twenty years ago John le Care wrote of illegal drug-testing in Africa in The Constant Gardener but CA Sacha takes the theme one step further in a thriller that i totally relevant as the world moves ever closer to devastating climate change.
The author writes with fierce political intelligence and has an absolute command of the internal landscape of her characters. This could and should become a blockbuster film.

by Net galley member 651022

CA Sacha

C.A. Sacha has written the same book 3 times. You could call it a labour of love. My husband says, 'it's grounds for a divorce. I've forgotten what you look like.' Seriously! I bet he'll join me on the red carpet when someone turns it into a film. Before you say why write a novel, when all along it was a film script, well it's like this - I thought the novel would be easier to do. ( I refer you to my opening line.)

My character are flawed, but that makes them more human. As I wrestled with them, they seemed to have a life force of their own. We finally came to an agreement. This is the route - it's up to you how you get me there, and they did- gloriously, shockingly and with one character hoping there'd be a sequel.

Born in Joburg, living in England now, I've worked in factories, restaurants, on newspapers and a vet's surgery. I graduated, have been a museum curator, arts officer and front counter staff at a police station; a life rich in stories.

Enjoy my debut novel Legacy

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