Troubador Legacy

Released: 28/03/2021

ISBN: 9781800461970

Format: Paperback

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The wide-ranging plot straddles four continents as the main characters’ lives intertwine; driven by love, betrayal, ambition and the desire for a Legacy.

Bucephalus is a secret project that will produce the world’s first emissions free car using a special fuel and engine, but there is another hidden agenda. China seizes on the opportunity to use Bucephalus to bring America to its knees, for its own ends.

Gene Finnegan the automotive giant behind the project persuades the US president to lead a humanitarian programme called Feed Africa, using it to hide the environmental testing his vehicles require.

Joseph Montgomery, America’s president is desperate to avert a war, become the hero he images himself to be and finally break free from his domineering mother.

Josie Ryland knows the truth. Bucephalus is destroying the eco system and the people she loves in southern Africa. Can she stop it from being launched? The stage is set for a showdown with unimaginable consequences.

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CA Sacha

C.A. Sacha has written the same book 3 times. You could call it a labour of love. My husband says, 'it's grounds for a divorce. I've forgotten what you look like.' Seriously! I bet he'll join me on the red carpet when someone turns it into a film. Before you say why write a novel, when all along it was a film script, well it's like this - I thought the novel would be easier to do. ( I refer you to my opening line.)

My character are flawed, but that makes them more human. As I wrestled with them, they seemed to have a life force of their own. We finally came to an agreement. This is the route - it's up to you how you get me there, and they did- gloriously, shockingly and with one character hoping there'd be a sequel.

Born in Joburg, living in England now, I've worked in factories, restaurants, on newspapers and a vet's surgery. I graduated, have been a museum curator, arts officer and front counter staff at a police station; a life rich in stories.

Enjoy my debut novel Legacy

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