Troubador Last Verse

Released: 28/08/2022

ISBN: 9781803132525

Format: Paperback

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Last Verse

A Harry Stallard mystery


The best undercover officers are all a little crazy. They develop an eccentric persona, designed to impress, deceive and befriend the most violent and shrewd criminals in society. But what happens when one of them is forced to return to being a regular detective?
That’s what happens when Harry Stallard is seriously injured in an undercover operation and posted back to force. Unfit for frontline duties, he is sent to recuperate in the Cold Case Review Unit, where his ponytail, tattoos and attitude clash with the sedate, ultra-mature vibe.
His first case: missing person Joey Doane, who was lead singer with local band The Magic Rats, and whose truck was found abandoned near the Humber Bridge. The original investigation was filed as a probable suicide, but did Joey really jump to his death or has he staged his own disappearance? Stallard becomes convinced he’s dealing with something far more sinister, but who would want to kill Joey and why?
Dive into Sheffield’s vibrant music scene, where indie rock bands play in colourful, sweat-soaked clubs, and beneath the surface, lurks a murky world of corrupt business, pseudo-gangsters and chaotic drug-use.

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