Troubador It Always Rains in November

Released: 01/02/2010

eISBN: 9781780889429

Format: eBook

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It Always Rains in November


13 year old Carly Price lives with her Dad Carl whilst his estranged wife Marie, lives with her younger daughter. The relationship between Carly and her parents is dysfunctional and disturbing. From the start, when Carl wakes up in his daughter, Carly's, bed, an incestuous relationship between the two seems to be implied.

Marie is a successful professional full of guilt for leaving her elder daughter whilst her ex-husband is a plodder frustrated at his comparative lack of success at work. Both parents embark upon relationships with colleagues which eventually leads to tragic consequences for their family.

Carl’s girlfriend Janice has a 15 year old son Nathan, and his exploits with his mates and his girlfriends culminates in a sordid relationship between him and Carly. Nathan has been truanting for several months and he and his bezzies attract the attention of local police.

Carly’s behaviour worsens at school and teachers become involved in attempting to discover the root of her issues. Teacher and parents agree a strategy and Carly looks forward to her impending birthday.

On her own for her birthday Carly is keen to keep new boyfriend Nathan happy, but their sexual tryst that takes place on her birthday results in the examination of the dark secrets that have surrounded the Price family for too long.

After Carly unwillingly consents to having sex with Nathan, Carl is revealed to be guilty of molesting his daughter. Whilst Carly hates his behaviour, she still loves her Dad, and forgives him. In the aftermath of this discovery, it is clear that Carl will not repeat this behaviour.

The following comments are from published writers.

"At its best your talent is dazzling... in particular your shockingly good teen dialogue."
Harry Bingham author of, amongst others, The Lieutenant's Lover and Glory Boys.

"Your story is very fresh and original...especially appreciate the freshness of the writing and the authentic feel of the characters"
Debi Alper author of Nirvana Bites and Trading Tatiana.

"You have taken a difficult subject which many writers would shy away from, or treat one dimensionally, and you have engaged in an emotionally complex way with it...I thought that on the whole you handled the teenage world very well. The cruelty of teenage boys is very well observed and dramatised."
Craig Taylor author of Light and Cloven

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Richard Hoffman

Married for 24 years with 3 kids, Richard Hoffman lives in Coulsdon, Surrey. It Always Rains in November is his first novel.

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