Troubador Intervention: The King Pin

Released: 28/11/2018

eISBN: 9781789011562

Format: eBook

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Intervention: The King Pin


An intervention by an everyday Joe to prevent a master criminal’s death will change their lives forever...


Rob Krane, now unemployed, has taken a holiday in beautiful Slovenia – except it turns out not to be as peaceful as expected when he witnesses a woman’s murder and the abduction of a man and his daughter. But this isn’t just any man: Burak Demir, a master criminal with an extensive international network of criminal and legitimate business operations, is a ruthless man with his own code of honour and now at his own henchmen’s mercy.


After hiding in a getaway vehicle going to the kidnappers’ hideout and taking pity on the daughter, Krane strikes a deal with Demir: he will aid their escape if Demir agrees to surrender his immense wealth and cooperate with the authorities. When Demir realises parts of his network have been aligned with terrorism without his permission, all bets are off as past loyalties are forgotten and an unlikely partnership is formed.


From Slovenia to the UK, with help from various authorities including a straight-talking MI5 agent with whom Krane develops an attraction, this first book in Hanford’s gripping crime series has elements of terrorism, organised crime, suspense and romance. It will appeal to all readers, especially those interested in the genre. Its new twist in the tale of how criminals are turned, crime can overlap or be used as a cover by terrorism, as well as how authorities let crime continue for their own ends, brings a fresh feel to this compelling read, with the next two books in the series on the way.

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James Hanford

James Hanford has been writing since 2012 alongside his day job in corporate property. His work takes him to many different places, meeting many interesting people. James draws upon his imagination and varied experiences which, at times, have been frightening (real and perceived) to write his books. Nature and the great outdoors are great loves for James and he also enjoys photography, posting content to his Instagram account where he will also update followers on his writing. He lives in London with his wife and two sons.

@james.hanford (for Instagram)

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