Troubador Intervention: Eavesdroppers

Released: 28/01/2019

eISBN: 9781789019148

Format: eBook

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Intervention: Eavesdroppers


Rob Krane returns with his unusual partner ‘in crime’ to thwart a scandal aimed at the heart of the world’s financial system, and intervene in a fierce power struggle in Bulgaria...


Rob Krane and his associates planned on investigating part of his unusual partner, Burak Demir’s international criminal network in exotic Bulgaria - what they didn’t plan on was rescuing the renowned Williamson family from their sinking yacht and the attention that generates. Discovering a link between Demir’s businesses, Varna’s Chief of Police and Mrs Williamson, Krane investigates further into the shady dealings behind Mrs Williamson’s smile.


He uncovers that Mr Williamson, a highly regarded IT designer, is being extorted by his wife to provide designs for technology cabinets that are then adapted for criminal purposes. Yet the latest drawings were damaged during the rescue. All seems to be in hand - until the daughter disappears, only to be spotted days later handing over a large envelope to some men. Cornered by Krane, she admits she was forced into passing over the designs because her sister had been kidnapped in Britain. Now the designs are out, a woman is being held and relations between Varna’s questionable Chief of Police and Bulgarian intelligence could be likened to a powder keg. Just another day at the office...


With a pace as slick as an international jewel thief, Intervention: Eavesdroppers explodes into action and never lets up on the excitement. The book packs in elements of terrorism, organised crime, suspense and data fraud and is as intriguing as the first in the series. It will appeal to all readers, especially those interested in the crime genre and those that have read the previous book. The series’ premise of how crime can overlap or be used as a cover by terrorism continues to refresh the genre and brings a new angle to Intervention. The third book will be out later this year.

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James Hanford

James Hanford has been writing since 2012 alongside his day job in corporate property. His work takes him to many different places, meeting many interesting people. James draws upon his imagination and varied experiences which, at times, have been frightening (real and perceived) to write his books. Nature and the great outdoors are great loves for James and he also enjoys photography, posting content to his Instagram account where he will also update followers on his writing. He lives in London with his wife and two sons.

@james.hanford (for Instagram)

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