Troubador In Bed With Mr. Plantagenet

Released: 28/02/2014

eISBN: 9781783068227

Format: eBook

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In Bed With Mr. Plantagenet

A contemporary novel by Deanna Maclaren


London, 1969. The beautiful, liberated Eugenie meets David Plantagenet as he is selling ice-cream in Oxford Street. Despite the age difference – David is just 17 – he moves into her elegant Marylebone apartment and persuades her to marry him. But David dreams of world travel and the following year jets off on his world trip, leaving Eugenie alone in London. Left to her own devices, Eugenie lands a job on Stet, a new political and literary magazine edited by the eccentric Revel Rooke. Eugenie learns fast and becomes Stet’s star writer. But is she married or not? Confused, she consults a top London law firm and encounters the successful, sophisticated and handsome Andrew Millard. They begin a passionate affair which is supposed to be just for fun but gradually becomes something else... When David’s best friend Art Carter is badly beaten up by London yobs, Eugenie’s dramatic cover story for Stet goes worldwide, reaching David in Peking. He rushes back to the UK, but his arrival in London after a five year absence stirs up old feelings and David, Eugenie and Andrew must face the consequences. A story full of memorable characters, wit and warmth, In Bed With Mr Plantagenet is a tale of love and friendship, and how these two emotions can cause loving relationships to disintegrate

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