Troubador House of Straw

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789015713

eISBN: 9781789012972

Format: Paperback/eBook

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House of Straw


Traumatised by the tragic death of her twin brother, Brianna falls into a state of deep depression, isolating herself from the world and all those that care about her. When a twist of fate reveals that she has a half-sister she finds a new purpose in her life and sets out to find her sibling, desperately hoping she can fill the void left in her world.

Poppy has not enjoyed the same privileged lifestyle as her sister while growing up. Abandoned into the care system at the age of eight, she has encountered both physical and sexual abuse for most of her life. Passing through the hands of more care homes and foster families than she can remember, the damaged product of a broken upbringing, Poppy has never found a place to feel truly safe. Kicking back at society, she turns to drug abuse and acts of extreme violence to escape from reality.

When the two siblings are finally united, they discover that they have much more in common than their DNA. Their paths are shrouded with sinister secrets of betrayal and regret and both girls share a deep-rooted hatred for one of their parents. As the dark truths of their lives are unveiled they realise that nothing can ever be the same again...

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A very good read. A real page turner. Can’t wait for the sequel.

by Tammy

To be honest I rarely read books, but this publication had me hooked. Excellently written it has a mixture of darkness, humour, plots & sub-plots that absorb you. Without given too much away be prepared for twists to the very end. The characters involved in the storyline are fantastically portrayed to bring a degree of empathy with the reader. Highly recommended , and the author clearly has talent.

by Amazon Review

OMG! You would never want an enemy like Poppy or a friend like Bree, both so warped and seriously damaged! I was fascinated by the 'drowning man' character. I really wanted to hate him because he was so selfish and bitter, but I thought he was misunderstood and ended up feeling so sad for him. I loved the part when she finds the key-ring, it keeps you second guessing about the real relationship between Poppy and her father. I was pleased that a friend recommended this book to me, the storyline really keeps you hooked. But it is definitely not for the narrow minded, I found some of the savage brutality and abuse hard to digest. Wicked twist at the end!

by Amazon review

Dark and moody, raw and brutal, this story has everything. I was so immersed in the plot I couldn't put the book down and the final revelation at the end had me shouting out loud! Highly recommended.

by Amazon review

Absolutely loved it! This book kept me on the edge of my seat, had me shocked on more occasions than I can count and had me guessing the whole time! Can not wait for the next instalment!

by Amazon review

Couldn’t stop reading this twisted tale!! Tastefully depicts horrific events faced by modern day youth. Just when you think things are going a certain way, a quick turn of events changes the story completely! Couldn’t put it down! Highly recommend!

by Amazon review

A fantastic book to read, a well written and truly gripping story that you can't put down. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

by Amazon review

Loved it, really got to like some of the characters! Looking forward to the next book

by Amazon review

Marc Scott

Marc Scott was born and bred in the heart or East London. His dark and gritty writing style has earned him much praise with readers.

He worked in the video and film industry for more than twenty years. the highlight of which was spending twelve months as a marketing manager for a distribution company based in Hollywood. More recently he spent several years working with youth offenders as part of his role associated with the court service. It was here where he became deeply moved by the tragic story of one young girl who struggled to come to terms with the neglect and abuse she had suffered throughout her life. Her case inspired him to write his first novel House of Straw.

The book has received excellent reviews from both bloggers and book buyers and the sequel House of Sticks is being scheduled for release at the end of 2021.

Marc lives in Essex and has three children. He is a keen sports fan and has an undying passion for Leyton Orient Football Club.

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