Troubador Hospital Beat

Released: 01/11/2011

ISBN: 9781848767546

eISBN: 9781848768468

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Hospital Beat

A Police Officer’s stories from inside a busy British hospital


Have you ever thought your local hospital might be haunted? Did you know the police are sometimes called upon to deal with thieving patients, dishonest staff, and even medical professionals with strange and disturbing sexual habits? Did you know hospitals are regularly and ruthlessly targeted by unscrupulous thieves?

All this and more is probably happening in your local hospital, but so far you have been blissfully unaware. Until now! PC Jonathan Nicholas, a serving police officer, has worked an inner-city hospital beat for six years. He has decided to reveal some of the incidents he has dealt with and has collected them together in this book. Weird, shocking, moving, and often amusing, these incidents are a fictional tale based on real incidents and real people. Using information drawn from personal recollection, his police notebook, prosecution files, and anecdotes from staff, patients, and offenders, it is a collection of stories that have never been told before. The book reveals all the behind-the-scenes enquiries and efforts undertaken by this particular hospital police officer, with the invaluable assistance of the hospital staff themselves, in order to ensure such places remain safe and relatively crime-free. Television dramas about hospitals are never like this!

A work of adult crime fiction, Hospital Beat is a unique insight into modern policing inside a British hospital and will appeal to fans of humorous ‘I never knew that’ writing. Author Jonathan takes writing inspiration from Dirk Bogarde.

Latest book: 'Who'd be a copper?' The incredible true story of thirty years as a constable in a British police force, almost all spent on the front line in an inner-city area. Life for a cop amidst funding cuts, idiotic Home Office ideas, and stifling political correctness.

The Police History Society Newsletter, October 2011

Absolutely brilliant - couldn't put it down. Read it in 2 days. Bought some for Christmas presents.

by jane antcliff

This book has a lot of information hospitals around the country do not want the public to know. We are all traumatised for one reason or another when we are in hospital and that makes us all easy targets for the professional thief.Great book, great story - well written.

by Franco

Jonathan Nicholas

Jonathan Nicholas has a website at where further information can be obtained.

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