Troubador Goodman, Gibson and Partners

Released: 28/10/2015

eISBN: 9781784625931

Format: eBook

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Goodman, Gibson and Partners

A Goodman Crime Novel


A story of motives, consequences and unexpected conclusions that will confound any preconceptions... Goodman, Gibson and Partners is a psychological crime thriller that will have crime fiction enthusiasts enthralled by its unexpected twists and turns. Protagonist Adam is an older man caught up in family relationships and an unwise liaison who has a complicated tale to tell when it comes to whether he is guilty of sexually assaulting 14-year old Rachel Brooks. With family drama threatening to get out of control, Adam is attacked seemingly at random in a car park, and when the supposed victim of assault interrupts a family gathering, there are developments and repercussions no one was expecting. Thus unravels a complex crime story, which is full of false blame and biased figures in charge. At the end of the novel, the story takes an unexpected turn that will have readers questioning their deductive abilities. “We live, after all, in a 21st century Western liberal democracy, where miscarriages of justice and unsound convictions are rare, but where they do occasionally occur, go on to be recognised and rectified.” This is Adam's sardonic take on his brush with the criminal justice system. In the event, it is kinder on him than his struggle to come to grips with what family members are up to. Unlike many crime thrillers, Goodman, Gibson and Partners delves into the minds of individuals driven to commit crimes and of those affected by those crimes. It is a story that will leave readers asking whether the truth is ever easy to find.

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