Troubador Gilgamesh

Released: 03/10/2016

eISBN: 9781785897788

Format: eBook

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Gilgamesh is the second Jon Drago novel.

Two years after the harrowing events in Brno, Drago is now a successful author whose private life is a recurring cycle of golf, good food and drink, one-night-stands and nightmarish memories.

Against his better judgement he is persuaded to meet the antiquities professor Paul Gainsborough and is intrigued by the mystery surrounding a hoard of stolen Babylonian art works and the curious figure of Andre Chagall, whose name is linked to all of them.

His investigations lead him to Abu Dhabi where Chagall’s allies begin to answer the questions, answers which only open doors to even deeper mysteries. Caught up in a crazed world of power-mad revolutionaries, Drago is forced to travel to war-torn Iraq where the Islamic State is beginning to assert its authority. There Drago and the beautiful historian Sylvia Lavoilette discover a horrific secret: a bloody counter revolution which no one seems able to prevent.

It can only mean violence, suspense and terror for Jon Drago.

"I like this book so much. It's super exciting, sexy, thriller. Can't wait the next story of this author."

by Alysa

This story of corruption, greed, and fanatacism was facinating and terrible. The gritty and ugly side of stolen artifacts and antiquities. Jonathan Drago is an author and journalist who comes in to his own. The lovely and knowlegeable Professor Sylvia Lavoilette gets caught up in a war of extremists and her reluctant admiration for Drago. Well written.

by Margaret Holmes (NetGalley reviewer)

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