Troubador George Valentine's Retirement Plan

Released: 12/06/2014

ISBN: 9780957662100

eISBN: 9781783066582

Format: Paperback/eBook

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George Valentine's Retirement Plan


They say power corrupts; and those who want it get it by exposing those who have it. It’s a dog eat dog world – and George Valentine is its middleman. George Valentine’s Retirement Plan is a quirky, fictional look at the world of political scandal as seen by those that dig up the dirt. It features larger than life characters, comedy and farce… From their South London home, George and Dorothy Valentine dig up dirt for divorces, corporate battles and political smear campaigns. They’ve decided to retire after their next case. When their last mark turns out to be the Home Secretary, George dreams of a grand finale while Dot fears disaster. Chaos rules as George’s retirement plan unravels and his maverick family must pit their wits against an oligarch, a Bulgarian hitman and the Albanian sex trade - as well as the Westminster elite. George Valentine’s Retirement Plan is a wild romp through a world where reputations are traded like commodities. It will appeal to readers with an interest in political thrillers, satire fans, and all who like a crime caper, comic adventure – as well as a hint of romance!

PRWeek November 2014

This is a cracking read. A good plot, much given in the title but the route to the outcome is the good bit. This is a well written, well paced book which retains interest throughout on a number of different fronts. The characters are a good combination and are very well drawn - all with strengths and weaknesses but all have some appeal - some more than others. In all good tales, the good are good and the bad are bad but the for the bad to be interestingly awful they have to be well fleshed out. and they are in this book. It's a hard book to put down and it draws you along, teasing you with a certain amount of knowledge about what's going to happen but not knowing quite how. Parts are slightly fantastic but isn't this what sells Bond movies? They don't reduce the worth of the book. It's also a nice picture of London in particular.

This would make an absolutely brilliant tv series or film.

It's the author's first novel and it's good to find that it's not formulaic. They have an easy style which is uncluttered, entertaining and compelling. I really hope there are more like this to come.

by kilkenny

A friend recommended this to me and I’m so glad – what a fun read it is! It’s very fast paced with political intrigue, murder and mayhem with a touch of romance and music thrown in. Though I loved George and Dot, Kracholov and the boy had to be my favourites. Give it a go – you won’t be disappointed.

by pipslon

This is a great read - you're thrown straight into the action and it doesn't let up. Great characters, pace and humour. Fantastic time to publish - the perfect holiday book. I'd thoroughly recommend it. My mother-in-law has just stolen my copy - that tells you something!

by Pakenham

A fabulous comedy romp around the themes of music, politics, PR - and the dodgy dealings of a lovable pair of old rogues. If you enjoy novels that take a hefty swipe at corruption in high places and cynicism and greed in lower ones, as well as well-drawn, original characters and a plot that rollicks along at a can't-stop-now pace, George Valentine's Retirement Plan by the talented and versatile Laurence Cooper is one to buy and read. Immediately.

by Georgina Faye

To begin at the beginning, the title intrigues. Tongue in cheek? And so it firmly is. Here is a born writer delighting in taking apart the world of PR he obviously knows so well and for good measure lampooning the underbelly of the political establishment. He's having fun, and so will the reader, who when all too soon the final chapter ends, will sit back with a smile and no doubt murmur "and good luck to you George Valentine!"

by Tony M

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