Troubador Future

Released: 30/06/2017

eISBN: 9781788032063

Format: eBook

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David Grey has been a patient of a mental hospital for the past four years, diagnosed with extreme anger management issues. Upon release, he struggles to adjust to a world that has passed him by.

People he has known as children have grown up, married and had children of their own, including his younger brother John, while he has spent a long time trapped in a bubble. He is introduced to his niece, Abigail "Abby" Harper Grey, during a family reunion, and asked to become her godfather. However it becomes apparent that he is not the only one with problems: Abby is a habitual thief with a fondness for her teacher's and families belonging in particular.

During a Christmas party, he meets Abby's art teacher, Jamie Miller. The two of them become close and soon a romance starts to blossom. While on a trip to restaurant with his family, David witnesses police cleaning up a dead body on the streets and soon finds himself a suspect of multiple murder. This casts a long dark, shadow over his life and soon puts him and those closest to him in great danger; the police are not the only ones tailing him.

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