Troubador Flock

Released: 30/11/2018

eISBN: 9781789019131

Format: eBook

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Deep within the abandoned darkness of London sits the hub of a clandestine community – the ‘Office’. For decades, secluded in an underground base of secret history, unworldly knowledge and incogitable crises:

“We’re out of chocolate digestives!”

When two bickering colleagues make a disturbing discovery, their find triggers further adversity. A city-wide upset, a localised riot and the fallout of a powerful, enchanted stone. Not quite their daily grind.

The pair, Amy and Fletch, take on the deadly, paranormal mystery; a series of eerie murders and the sinister truth of a young amnesiac. Teamed with determined workmate Tashta and fiery boss Una, they investigate the magickal London privy to them. The four navigate through absurd conspiracy theories, stolen contraband and the distinct lack of an HR department.

The Office team’s quest embroils them with a charismatic exorcist, a fanboy psychic and an unruly laser-printer. But the danger that awaits is far beyond their job description. Hidden agendas may prove as lethal as the shadowy foe they seek.

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KJ Bauer

KJ Bauer is a born, bred and buttered Londoner. Born to Mauritian immigrants, KJ grew up in multicultural Hackney; the wonderful mix of people reflecting the melting pot of her family's island nation.

A self-confessed 'flaneuse' and metalhead, KJ is most interested in exploring themes of identity and individuality. She draws inspiration from her cultural roots, eclectic social circle and extensive world travel. KJ considers her current novel, Flock, to be a love-letter to the cosmopolitan nature of London.

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