Troubador Elixir of Time

Released: 13/07/2020

eISBN: 9781838596576

Format: eBook

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Elixir of Time


Leon Dabrowski is a gifted nuclear scientist who has provided the world with a safe and clean form of energy. When his family is intimidated by a sinister criminal cartel, he has no option but to bow to their demands and take his immense intellectual prowess to the North Korean peninsula. There he is expected to work in a secret underground complex on the Republic’s thermonuclear weapons programme.

To make matters worse, the American CIA sees Leon’s misfortune as the perfect opportunity to uncover what the North Koreans are up to.

There are spanners to be thrown into the works, data to be smuggled . . . life and death decisions to be made. Whatever he does, Leon must steer a delicate route between placating a brutal and merciless regime, stemming the worldwide proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and securing his family’s safety.

But Leon is not only someone who can think his way around the most devious means of coercion they throw at him. His father is Russia’s richest oligarch with the most powerful private security force on the planet; his wife is a brilliant and determined academic who isn’t going to stand by and watch her family being threatened and abused by these people. The gloves are off . . .

This thriller brings a fascinating balance of political intrigue and emotion when progressing a complex but compelling plot line. With a great cast of characters, the book offers an insight into what drives them and makes the reader question their own ,motivations and priorities. A great book for people who like convincing thrillers with strong characters and relationships.

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Keith Short

I graduated in physics at Durham University in 1972 and went on to do research in nuclear instrumentation in support of my doctorate. As a research officer in the electricity supply industry, I published numerous papers in technical journals and the final ten years of my career were spent working as a nuclear safety case author. I now fulfil my passion for writing by working full time as an author of fiction.

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