Troubador Down But Not Out

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785899591

Format: Paperback

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Down But Not Out

The Fingerless Gloves Book 2


Plastic gangster Paul Rossetti is back... and extremely dangerous! In the first book of?Gary Tulley’s ‘The Fingerless?Gloves’ series, we met Ronnie Callaghan, an ex-professional boxer, who divides his time between market trading and running a boxing gym. One day, however, he was given a sharp shock when his comfortable lifestyle was threatened. Either by choice or coincidence, an unwelcome face from his past confronted him: a certain ‘plastic gangster’ by the name of Paul Rossetti. Back with a vengeance in Down But Not?Out, Paul Rossetti has suffered six long years in a pre-determined exile – but those years have not been wasted. His lust for revenge has only been put on hold. It’s festered and matured into what will surely be a bloody climax when he confronts his nemesis, Ronnie. This will be his last remaining chance to sate his revenge, with no room left for error. Callaghan, and his lifelong mentor Siddie Levy, on the other hand, seriously beg to differ! They have unwittingly become aware of Paul Rossetti’s presence in Stonewater and they have ideas of their own, should any unforeseeable grief come into play. Along the way are multiple hurdles that test the individuals on both sides. The inevitable outcome will undoubtedly be determined by who’s prepared to jump the highest... Down But Not Out is a gritty crime novel that will appeal to fans of professional and amateur boxing, as well as those who enjoyed Gary’s first book.

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