Troubador Devan's Debt

Released: 23/02/2015

eISBN: 9781784629458

Format: eBook

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Devan's Debt

Rick Devan Book 2


Millions of dollars are given by governments to developing countries. Do all the funds reach the right departments or does a percentage line the pockets of well-placed individuals?

Rick Devan takes a call from Lars, an old college friend and now, a journalist who is in fear of his life. Lars has stumbled onto a story which has set people after him. He fears he’s punching above his weight and calls on Rick for help.

As the friends meet, a fatal bullet finds Lars; another shot wounds Rick before the killer escapes. The murder commits Rick to a pursuit which takes him to Paris, and into a world of blackmail, high-level corruption and assassination.

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Jane Chipperfield

Jane Chipperfield read Classical Civilisation at Warwick University, going on to enjoy a twenty-year career as a Primary School teacher. She left teaching to explore other opportunities, initially studying at Sotheby’s Institute in London.

After her time at Sotheby’s, Jane devised, wrote and presented a series of short programmes for schools. Designed to interest young children in the art that is accessible in Britain, the films give insight by telling background stories relating to pieces featured in U.K. collections.

The last few years have been taken up with writing, initially compiling and editing weekly news pages for websites as well as copywriting.

Her novel, Devan’s Debt, is the second in a trilogy of thrillers featuring Rick Devan and Sophia. The first in the series, Milo’s Scale, was published in 2013. Both titles are available as a download or paperback.

Jane Chipperfield
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