Troubador Deception

Released: 28/04/2019

ISBN: 9781789017366

Format: Paperback

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and Lies


How well do you know your friends, or even your family? Are they really who you think they are?

The O’Briens seem to have it all: a large house, foreign holidays, and two loving daughters Scarlett and Siobhan.

When Scarlett’s friend Margot, a girl with a troubled past, is adopted into the family it feels like the missing piece. It isn’t long, however, before sibling rivalry and jealousy begins to fracture the family and when tragedy unexpectedly strikes, the family’s unity begins to unravel.

Frank Du Pont, an egotistical detective, assumes responsibility for the murder investigation and vows to bring the murderer to justice, but he has his own agenda.

When the shocking truth is finally uncovered it shakes the family to the core. Keep your friends close, but your family closer. Deception will appeal to fans of mystery and thriller fiction who enjoy getting stuck into a deliciously deceptive novel.

Excellent book. Very exciting.

by Eily Edwards

Very gripping book. Really enjoyable.

by Jackie James

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