Troubador Death is a Certainty

Released: 01/11/2013

eISBN: 9781783069675

Format: eBook

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Death is a Certainty


Ludvig Korotski is the ex-station head of the KGB in Berlin. During the early 80’s he trained a ruthless team of saboteurs, assassins and overseas agents. A cruel, ruthless man, he had left mother Russia when the ‘soft liberals’ began to root out the hardliners. He earned a living, based in Sweden, offering his freelance ‘services’ to all comers, including Iran, Libya and the militant Al Qaeda. Out of the blue, he is approached by an old adversary, an ex-CIA operative who offers him a contract to put together a new team to kill people in Britain. Ludvig doesn’t care what they’ve done – his only concern is the £6,000,000 he is offered to fulfil the contract. All is going well until one of his agents tries to kill ex-SAS Colonel Harriman. Harriman is now running his own security firm and, after the failed attempt, begins to investigate why he had been targeted. Was it an old grudge? He sets about finding out why the murders are being committed and unravels a frightening story... Death is a Certainty was inspired by Ted?York’s knowledge of the financial services industry. He also takes inspiration from a number of novelists, including Jack Higgins, Lee Child and Ken Follett.

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