Troubador Death by Duck

Released: 01/08/2013

ISBN: 9781780885759

Format: Paperback

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Death by Duck


A case of murder without a corpse. A?murder takes place in the dean’s office of a law school, and the perpetrator, wearing a Donald Duck mask, flees after throwing his pistol to Dean Ansari. When the dean’s secretary walks into the office, she sees Ansari standing over the body, gun in hand, and accuses him of murder. Giving a flimsy excuse, the dean vanishes. After a fruitless search for him, his secretary returns to discover that the body is gone. Only blood on the carpet remains. In a matter of minutes, three people have disappeared.

Thinking he might be wrongly convicted of a heinous crime, Dean Ansari escapes, panic-stricken, to India – the farthest place in his imagination. However, he leaves careless clues, and Detective Joe Walsh is able to trace him to Mumbai. He and the dean meet there and, not recognising each other, become friends.

During this time, Ansari falls in love with a Chinese courtesan who steals his money on orders from her pimp, Raji Rau. When the penniless dean realises he must leave again, he turns to her for help. They flee together, Ansari clueless that her generous offer to pay for their expenses is actually with his own money. Their escape is hardly the end of the dean’s troubles. Other mishaps occur, and perplexing questions remain: Who was the person in the Donald Duck mask? Was there a murder??If so, what happened to the body? Does Joe Walsh ever catch up with Dean?Ansari? And, of course, what becomes of the budding romance between him and the Chinese courtesan?

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What a delightful and elegantly written book. The crime was intriguing, the characters brilliant and vivid, the writing stylish! I couldn't put this down until I had read to the final full stop. I had to have a couple of goes before it would upload to my Kindle but it was worth the wait and I'm certainly recommending this title to others and looking out for more books by the author.

What an amazing book!

by Lesley Mumbray-Williams

I'm impressed by your diligence and versatility, and I have been much diverted by Death by Duck. The characters are an interesting and comic lot, their interactions entertaining, and the travelogue aspects are particularly fun – it's always a bonus to be taken somewhere sort of exotic, and I liked the details (food, smells, clothes) that made them persuasive. I also liked the surprises that intersperse the story – the severed ear, for example. All in all, congratulations and thanks for an absorbing several hours waiting for the blizzard to arrive.

by Hamilton Robinson

This book surprised me by how good it is. John's imagination spells out a compelling yarn, a good story well told. The trips to the Far East came in handy in the author's detailed, interesting descriptions of Mumbai and Hong Kong.

by Ron

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