Troubador Day of Reckoning

Released: 28/07/2016

ISBN: 9781785892448

Format: Paperback

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Day of Reckoning


Day of?Reckoning is Keith Wainman’s latest gripping crime thriller, featuring Nathan Bush, an American who ends up leading the biggest terrorist attack London has ever seen. Keith’s latest novel opens in Egypt in the 1950s. Kamal, a Muslim brotherhood organiser is forced to flee his own country. Trouble between the government and the Muslim brotherhood has been brewing since an unsuccessful assassination attempt on the Egyptian prime minister. Kamal and his family settle in Canada, one of his sons Mohamed marries an American woman called Kathleen Bush; taking her name, he becomes known to everyone Mo Bush. Mo and Kathleen quickly have two sons, then 10 years later in 1976, another is born: Nathan. As Nathan grows up in the shadow of his two elder brothers, who help their father out on the farm, he is unsure about what he wants to do with his life. In 1992 Mo asks him if he would like to accompany his grandfather, Kamal, on a visit to the Middle East, Nathan accepts, and spends time with his grandfather in Jordan and Egypt, learning of the struggles his grandfather faced, in lands that are now under Israeli occupation, when he returns home his thirst for adventure and travel has not been quenched, and he decides to join the Marines, which changes his whole outlook on life. Years later he accompanies his grandfather to the Middle East again, and decides he wants to stay and help the Palestinians in the refugee camps. During this time he meets and is befriended by various Arabs and finds himself drawn deeper into the political struggle. He eventually takes part in armed attacks on American forces in Iraq and is approached by one of the top insurgent leaders with a plan to attack Britain. Once they have everything they need, they will launch an attack that will change the world... It will be the day of reckoning.

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Wow...this book has everything, truly believable storyline, with in depth research into dates, times and history. A different subject from this relatively new author. I found I was absorbed from the beginning with the acute feeling I was actually part of the storyline. I could almost atune to the feelings and reasonings of the main character. The conclusion of this book means London would never be the same again. A truly versatile author with an eye to detail and I look forward to his next book

by Carol Gosling

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