Troubador Darkstone

Released: 28/06/2015

ISBN: 9781784622107

Format: Paperback

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The Future May Be Closer Than You Think


“The wolf caught a scent on the breeze and walked slowly away from the icy waters of the loch, towards the darkness of the forest. The wolf pawed at the earth, twitched its nostrils and began digging, pushing snow, sandy soil and pine needles aside with rapid movements of its front paws. Its claws scratched against the torn, black pastic and dug into exposed flesh...”

Ellis Landsman, a forester living in the Scottish Outlands, is shocked to discover a wolf in his forest pawing at the uncovered body of a young woman. He rescues the body and makes the long snow-covered journey to Glasgow to report the death and hand the body over to the Brigade – the semi-militaristic security force that has replaced the police.

Due to bitter experience, Ellis is reluctant to trust the Brigade to fully investigate the woman’s death and so he decides to do some detective work of his own. He wants to know who the woman is, how she died and how she came to be buried on his land.

Helped in his daunting task by active ‘oppositionists’ Lorna, Gam, Colette and the mysterious Lemmy, Ellis discovers Darkstone, a shadowy undercover security operation that reaches right to the heart of the Brigade. Will he succeed in his investigations or will the Brigade force him to abandon his mission and retreat back to the Outlands..?

Set in the 2020s, Darkstone is a fast-paced, dystopian novel that will appeal to readers who enjoy thrillers.

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