Troubador Darke Mission

Released: 28/11/2014

ISBN: 9781784620509

eISBN: 9781784627089

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Darke Mission


Based on actual events interwoven with fiction and with an underlying theme of political and financial greed, Darke Mission is a story of good versus evil. The British government is secretly bankrupt. There is no money to pay the police, armed forces and the NHS. JJ Darke, lone parent and Scottish ex-intelligence officer, is blackmailed by an unscrupulous politician into stealing North Korea’s gold bullion to plug Britain’s catastrophic financial deficit and avoid widespread lawlessness. Darke, a successful financial strategist who has walked on the wrong side of insider trading, engages a French skunkworks outfit and edge of the envelope British F1 engineers to support the mission. They design a revolutionary process to transform the gold bars and smuggle them from North Korea, but the mission is fraught with danger and the team must scheme and fight their way out of trouble at every turn. The stakes are raised when a Russian stealth submarine, under North Korean control, is primed to launch a devastating nuclear attack on the USA. US Navy SEALs are ordered to capture the sub. Their mission is compromised and it becomes unexpectedly intertwined with Darke’s. Darke’s character changes. He seeks revenge and vows to protect his son at all costs. Darke Mission is a fast-paced crime thriller that will have fans of this genre desperate to know what happens next.


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John's Notes

I was enthralled by the book from start to finish. It is powerful and gripping and the lines between fact and fiction are cleverly blurred and keep you in suspense. The intricate plot keeps you on the edge of your seat and the author shows a great command of the use of language. The characters are realistic and true to life. I loved the way the author weaved his relationship with his son into the novel - was this autobiographical? It is a book you cannot put down until you have read the very last page – and what a last page it is!! All I can say without giving the plot away is that the last line is the perfect lead into what I hope will be a fantastic sequel! A MUST for any lover of action packed thrillers.

by Marie Dayton

I really love this book. It's an absorbing thriller with great characters and a big twist at the end.

by Kyle Vine

I grew up reading Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy. It's been a while since I became so totally immersed in a novel that I couldn't put it down. The action involves North Korean shenanigans and one seriously unscrupulous British politician. Topical stuff! The characters are diverse and credible and the bad guy is properly warped. This is the best thriller I've read in two decades.

by Lars Olssen

What a great read. A real page turning thriller. Bang up to date with current global issues interwoven into the plot with a very cleverly interwoven sub plot, taking us literally all over the world. The author goes into astonishing detail relating to the worlds of finance,
espionage, medicine, politics, geography, and much more. The author must have done extensive research, or one suspects may have inside knowledge of many of the areas that this great yarn goes.
Thoroughly recommend this book, and I for one really look forward to the sequel, which is clearly set up in the final twist.

by Neil Macleod

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