Troubador Culture Shock

Released: 20/05/2016

eISBN: 9781785896439

Format: eBook

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Culture Shock


Too little knowledge can be a dangerous thing...

In 1963 Claire Avery found herself alone in Bali as a small child, after the loss of both parents.

Twenty-five years on, now an acclaimed batik artist, Claire returns to Bali with her adoptive family who want her to open their new gallery in memory of her father Paul, world-famous for his batiks. Claire, still traumatised by the past suspects her father was murdered and is on a mission to find answers. But her adoptive family seems intent on controlling her every move. Why are they acting so furtively? Could they be behind the textile fraud that cost Claire her career?

Amid this conspiracy of silence, long-buried family secrets begin to come to light. Claire realises she has a half-brother somewhere who is more damaged than she is and is out for revenge. He knows who she is and now he’s tracking her because Claire has something he needs...and it seems he’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Claire finds all of her answers in Bali - except one - the one that will change her life forever.

The UK International Novel Writing Competition

Writing Magazine

3 out of 5 stars

At first I found this novel really hard to get in to. But once they were off to Bali I really enjoyed the book. The history of the Batiks, different cultures was great to learn. Good luck for your release. Would recommend.

by Alison Clough

"Culture Shock" is just so good. I really didn't see the ending coming, I must read it again!

by Janet T, Dorset.

I couldn't put this book down!!! So much suspense!!! I loved it!

by Ilissa Nelsen

J Kefford

J.Kefford qualified as an artist and teacher and eventually became Head of Department in a Grammar School. J.Kefford (a pseudonym) has also been writing since the age of eight and while living in the States in her early twenties, began to concentrate seriously on articles, letters and stories. Today, with life experience and extensive travel forming a fertile background to mystery and suspense, she writes novels.

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