Troubador Cross Killer

Released: 28/04/2016

ISBN: 9781785891748

eISBN: 9781785895166

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Cross Killer

Walking a mile in someone else's shoes can be murder!


“Kill his wife before she kills him." LE Willetts’ Cross Killer follows the story of Eileen and Malcolm Muldoon, a couple whose twenty-five year marriage has finally grown stale. Utterly convinced that Eileen wants him dead, and encouraged by the unlikely friendship he has forged with his new friend Rita, Malcolm knows what he must do. Meanwhile, a lunatic is stalking the streets, preying on innocent women. Women who are all connected to Malcolm and whom he bears some form of known grudge. As the death toll rises, and Malcolm’s behaviour becomes more erratic, Eileen starts to question his involvement. She has suspected that her husband is capable of murder ever since that unfortunate incident when the pushchair mysteriously fell into the swimming pool with the child still strapped inside, and Malcolm simply pulled out a chair and sat down to watch. Even DI Lucas Elliott seems convinced of Malcolm’s guilt. After all, Malcolm does have an uncanny knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Will Malcolm succeed in his quest to rid himself of his wife so he can start his new life with Rita? Is he guilty of the other murders? He definitely has a secret. But then so does Eileen. As does Lucas... and Rita. This story will appeal to fans of crime, thrillers and whodunit’s. Unlike some of the more traditional crime novels, Cross Killer is a refreshingly light-hearted read with humour intertwined throughout the plot.

Devon Life

This enjoyable read is fabulous

A little different to other novels of this genre but it is expertly done.

I loved the guessing game and could not know what would happen next and for a debut novel it is one that will keep me looking more from this author.

by Tracy Shephard (via NetGalley)

Lucy Willetts

For as long as I can remember, I have suffered with an over-active imagination and the inexplicable need to make things up and write them down. Probably my earliest memory of exactly this would be Scripture homework at school (aged about seven). I can't remember the exact topic that I was supposed to be writing about... only that the teacher could barely speak through her tears of laughter as she subsequently read out my version of events to the whole class.

I do like to think that things have progressed a little since then, but it is fair to say that I never made an active choice to be a writer – the urge simply chose me and before long, that need became a passion so strong, it developed into an extension of my soul.

Cross Killer is my first novel. It wasn't actually the novel that I intended to write, but when writer's block kicked in, it soon became my literary laxative. Nonetheless, I have truly loved the journey and sincerely hope that you do too.

I am very aware that without a reader, a writer cannot exist and so I am eternally grateful to anyone and everyone who is prepared to give me and my work that chance. Becoming a master (or indeed mistress) of our passion does however take time, patience, perseverance and above all confidence… so please do 'go gently' with me if you can. Thank you.

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