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Released: 28/08/2014

eISBN: 9781784627720

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Nothing Is What It Seems Quartet – Book One


Confusion is the first book in Peter de Vos’ ‘Nothing Is What It Seems’ four-part series, a gritty crime drama with erotic and mystic undertones. The books emphasise the hidden dark side that lurks in each one of us and that occasionally overtakes our good side, with lethal consequences...

‘The Barangay officials drag the body up the beach and identify the remains. It is without a shadow of a doubt the daughter of old Mr. Lee; Ma’am Elena Lee, 22 years of age, who, judging from the strange angle between head and torso, apparently died of a broken neck.’

The Philippines, Summer 1978
. Confusion opens with the murder of Elena Lee, daughter of a powerful local magnate, on the beautiful topical island of Siquijor. Enter Jonathan Sy, a successful detective who is hired to carry out the investigation, along with local Chief of Police Daniel Arozo.

During his quest, Sy meets several potential suspects – but instinctively knows that the real killer is not among them, an inkling that is proved as, one by one, the suspects all meet with a gruesome, premature death. The mystical atmosphere of the island and its inhabitants slowly change the attitudes of the otherwise cool and reserved inspector, and drive him to carry out actions he otherwise would have never remotely considered...

An intricate whodunnit that constantly changes tack and keeps readers on its toes, Confusion is a gripping work of crime fiction. The story is continued in the next parts of ‘Nothing Is What It Seems’ – Clarity and Commitment – and the truth is finally revealed in the final book, Confinement.

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Peter de Vos

Born close to Rotterdam, Netherlands, Peter graduated at the University of Groningen with a degree in History and International Law. After having acquired a business degree, Peter started his first job in telecommunications. Within this field, he covered various positions within product management, marketing and sales in various countries before he changed to consumer electronics. His last ‘normal’ job was as managing director for a large optical company.

After 18 years as an employee Peter decided to turn one of his passions (writing being the other one) into his job and opened his own dive resort in Asia. To stay in contact with friends and family Peter wrote extensive mails with small stories he experienced in his new home country. His audience became more and more interested in reading the local stories and urged Peter to write it all down in a book. In 2014 he finally gave in and published some of the stories in a novel - “Confusion”. Three additional sequels of the quartet “Nothing is what it seems” will follow later.

Peter is married and has two grown-up children.

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